Last month saw enough people “to fill Birmingham” change energy providers.

Were you one of them? With the fluctuation of cold weather seen over February and slightly into March this year, a large proportion of the country either switched, or considering switching, their energy provider. This comes hand in hand with the notion that the ‘big six’ providers are no longer the go-to choice for customers. Rather, as much as 20% of customers have now began to [...]

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Cold weather tips for cars and bikes

If you’ve enjoyed the Russian temperature plummet over the past week or so, then please explain to the majority how this has been possible for you, in the sub-zero winter world the UK has endured recently. For the rest of you who have shivered and had mass inconvenience to your commute, a little bit of a temperature rise would be received and appreciated as soon as [...]

Hopes of US-North Korea Summit Drives US Dollar

Hopes of US-North Korea Summit Drives US Dollar (USD) and Forex Markets Pound Sterling (GBP) The Pound’s movement was highly mixed last week, as investors digested mixed signals from UK and EU officials over the status of Brexit negotiations. European Council President Donald Tusk has argued that the UK will not be able to have a unique, bespoke post-Brexit deal if it is leaving the [...]

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Pound Investors Anxiously Anticipate Brexit Speech

Pound Sterling (GBP) Persistent concerns over the Brexit process and the rising strength of major peer currencies left the Pound tumbling on Thursday, as investors continued this week’s Sterling selloff. Markets are anxious ahead of Friday’s Brexit speech from UK Prime Minister Theresa May. May is expected to urge those for and against Brexit to unify. However, traders remain concerned about disagreements between UK and EU [...]

EE increasing the costs of contracts from as early as 2014, is this fair?

EE, among other major mobile network providers, will be raising the costs of their contracts, for customers that have taken contracts out from March 2014! This isn’t the only sector of society that change contractual agreements at the cost of the consumer. Increases to student finance agreements mid-contract have already stung many students and graduates, and this leads to the question of whether it is ethical [...]

Why buy-to-lets are now pushed for first-time buyers

Barclays bank is the first of the big UK lenders to encourage first-time buyers to invest into a buy-to-let scheme. The idea is aimed at those who ‘cannot get onto the property ladder’ in their own area, typically the more southern regions of the country, and means that the property owner will not live in the first property they buy, but will be the owner of [...]

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Simple security tips as Cybercrime costs firms almost £3bn a year

3 ways to stop it being easy to steal your data Cyber-security, not so long ago it was totally sufficient to download the trial version of whichever anti-virus came top of the first Google search page. Nowadays we are literally in a world where people are stealing data, encrypting it, and then holding a digital ransom for the decryption key! Obviously this can come across as [...]

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3 ways to get your money in order before Spring

It’s the part of the year that everybody fears. Christmas is out of the way, and you now have to face the consequences of that frivolous spending over the festive period, especially when the majority of people were paid over that time. Now it’s time to tighten the belt, and figure out how to make it through the rest of winter! But why not then use [...]

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Tips to keep the costs of your vehicle and its insurance down in 2018

More quickly than ever before, cars are becoming much more of an accessible commodity to consumers. Things like finance options, trading in your old car, online markets and long-term renting has made things seem like it has never been cheaper or easier to have a car of your own. Sadly this is what some of these things are designed to do, rather than to actually help [...]

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