Looking to save money flying?

Looking to save money flying? Tips that work and tips that don’t In the ‘Age of Information’, it is baffling as to why there are customers that still resort to paying full-price for services they use. If there’s not a voucher code online somewhere, then there is a conversation thread from customers that have used the same service prior to you. Failing that, there are sites [...]

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Home insurer focusing on prevention over avoidable payouts

Home insurer focusing on prevention over avoidable payouts You never want to think about it, but sometimes things out of your control can lead to a need to claim on your insurers. This is a worst case scenario for many, and often it is over an inability to change anything to do with the home, once you’ve left the house. Well, with the advent of smart [...]

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Airlander 10 future uncertain as the aircraft crashes… again.

The aviation industry has often been home to some futuristic concepts. Flyers only seemed to get a glimpse at Concord during its time in operation, and research and investment is now being made into things like electric planes, better airport services, and new ways to get travellers from A to B. One of these concepts is the Airlander 10 hybrid airship. Originally being designed for the [...]

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An Evolution of Energy – as early as 2020

Trends within society are meaning that the energy sector is seeing exponential growth for renewables, and reducing the planet’s carbon footprint. Because of this, experts are looking hopeful that 2020 energy targets are now going to be reached, as growth in renewables and decrease in greenhouse emissions have smashed the previous linear predictions. Aside from the US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, this can surely be [...]

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De-icing your windscreen could invalidate your car insurance

De-icing your windscreen could invalidate your car insurance and get you fined! For any driver, frozen windscreens in the winter months can be a massive inconvenience. From having to stand in freezing temperatures to being late for work through having to clear your car of ice and snow, the winter months can scale from minor hinderance to full scale prevention of day-to-day lives. To add insult [...]

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Why do you need Indemnity Insurance?

Also known as ‘professional liability insurance’, indemnity insurance protects business from claims made by clients, not against physical damage or bodily harm, but as negligence or failure to act by a business resulting in financial cost or legal concerns for the client. Bit of a mouthful to describe, however it is certainly a crucial form of insurance to have in place for any business working on [...]

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What will technology do for home-buying?

With car financing now making the process of obtaining a car not dissimilar to taking out a phone contract, the question remains as to what else technology will commodify for the average consumer. Looking at car-buying, recent financing offers mean ‘car contracts’ are now making newer models more readily available to consumers than ever before. Some have argued that this may lead to further increase of [...]

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Goodbye to Car showrooms?

Goodbye to car showrooms? Customers can now buy cars online In line with most other aspects of market and business, customers in the UK are now able to view, modify spec, choose colour, and even have a delivery service for their new vehicle. Meaning, purchasing a car can now be added to the list of things one can do without getting up from the sofa! Many [...]

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Think you’ve heard everything? What about a motorbike powering a plane?

  Think you’ve heard everything? What about a motorbike powering a plane? In a world where information is instantaneous, it’s rare that something comes along and surprises you. For all the fake news, memes, fashion trends, it’s always interesting to read about something a little science-fiction. Well, the University of Nottingham have researched into a motorbike that doubles as a battery for an electric plane! Ideas [...]

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