We all know that young drivers pay more for their car insurance

We all know that young drivers pay more for their car insurance, 8% more each year to be precise. It is common knowledge for all that the youngest of our drivers on the road pay the highest rates for their car insurance. This ruling typically falls under the idea that they have been on the road for less time than other drivers, and that more established [...]

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What laptop do you really need as a student?

What laptop do you really need as a student? Find one suited to your course and you could save a fortune. For those who don’t know the technical jargon of laptops and their functionality, many people can find the purchase of a pricey commodity like this fairly daunting. Naturally people strive for the perfect balance between value for money and quality of product. But how do [...]

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A ‘faux winter’? Think before firing up your boiler?

We have all felt it. The chilly toes in the middle of the night, the prickles up the spine when swapping work clothes for pyjamas, the ice like nostrils in the morning. Not to mention the pouring rain all day long. Summer is finally over and we are yet to witness the Indian Summer we are usually graced with, making it understandable people are reaching for [...]

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Frankfurt Motor Shows Honda Urban EV

The Frankfurt motor show is now over, and out of everything it’s a little Honda Urban EV that’s taken my eye… What is being seen at many motor shows now is the introduction of concept electric cars. In the past few years we have witnessed hybrid motors become commonplace among other cars, along with all-electric cars that can compete with their petrol-fuelled counterparts. One of [...]

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Uber licence suspended!

It wasn’t that long ago that Taxify were having their operator’s license challenged by TfL. Now Uber has lost theirs! Transport for London has now announced that Uber’s operating license within the city has been suspended, amid concerns of safety and quality of service to passengers. The taxi hailing service has said they will ‘immediately challenge’ this, but with competitor companies catching wind of the suspension, [...]

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Slidenjoy…what is it?

The Zcan Wireless means you can scan anywhere, so imagine if you could take extra PC screens everywhere too… In my previous post I provided a small insight to the Zcan Wireless - a computer mouse that can scan documents with the ability to instantly edit, rather than the traditional scan that comes through only as an image. Although it has a notable price tag, it [...]

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University applicants are down this year but are fees to blame?

University applicants are down this year, but should hiking tuition fees deter potential undergrads? Is that degree worth the money? With schools being back in and freshers weeks away from embarking their university journey, it seems appropriate to look at the fluctuation of university applications, and more so their decline this year. What are the reasons behind this? Well without a doubt Brexit has shaken the [...]

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Taxify – Looks like Uber has competition in London, well it did for three days anyway!

Launching in 2008, Uber has reshaped the market of taxi hailing. It introduced an application-based service where the drivers that are closest are notified when you require a taxi. Not only this, and more so in the US, it introduced a ride-share service which helped reduce both the carbon footprint of taxis, along with the cost to the customer. Amazing! The company has seen some controversy [...]

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Hurricane Irma has now been declared a major disaster

Hurricane Irma has now been declared a major disaster, many question if this will change Trump’s skeptic view of climate change. Hurricane Irma continued its destructive path as it travels through Florida, and it has already caused over 6 million homes to be without power, flooded much of Florida, submerging the iconic Cuban Malecon Seawall, raised winds of up to 185mph in the Caribbean, and has [...]

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