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If you have a Homecare service business and you are looking to compare insurance for nursing homes, look no further. We understand that your business extends to elderly care, special needs, accident victims, etc. and the goal is to make the occupants feel safe and secure.

Insurance firms also understand the scope of your business and as a result, conventional business insurance does not effectively cover your nursing home. However, this does not imply that your business is not covered. If you purchase standard business insurance, specific risks which are peculiar to the home care industry will leave your business vulnerable.

Specialist care home insurance you can acquire for your business is available and you can aptly compare the different services available.

What Does Care Home Insurance Cover?

Medical Malpractice Insurance

As a business owner, if one of your staffs administers the wrong medication to a patient, the patient is free to file a suit against your business. To prevent loss and protracted cases in court, it is best to purchase insurance for specialist home care business.

Infectious Disease Cover

There is always one form of epidemic or another which breaks out occasionally. This breakout often affects vulnerable patients, especially elderly folks and people who have special needs. According to research, the impact of such infectious diseases amounts to millions of dollars and it is best to insure your business against such occurrence. When you purchase nursing homes business insurance, you are covered from any loss.

Increased Liability Cover

Insurance against liability is a very important consideration to factor in when you compare care home insurance quotes. With this insurance cover, you can protect your clients, staffs, visitors, and even business partners. The implication is that you can cover all the associated parties in the event of an accident, injury, or any related medical expense.

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Residents’ Contents Cover

In your specialist home care insurance, items such as personal belongings, valuables, and other associated contents are also included in the cover. However, there are limits to the level of cover. When you compare nursing home insurance, you will have a clear knowledge of the different limits for different insurance companies.

However, as a rule of thumb, the cover available to residents’ valuables is up to £1000 per person. Pedal cycle and personal money covered can be up to £250 respectively.

Business Interruption Cover

If a catastrophic event causes your business to be stopped indefinitely, your specialist home care insurance will come to the rescue. Also, any occurrence that causes your business to run on increased working cost will invite the attention of your insurance broker.

Cost of Rebuilding Nursing Home Insurance Cover

Your business heavily depends on the building and the premises. In fact, for most businesses, this is the most expensive asset you have. You should acquire nursing home business insurance so as to cover the cost of rebuilding or repair.

You should, however, compare nursing home insurance so as to be sure that different parts and features of your building are insured. For example, the outbuildings, boundary walls, pools, and bathrooms are not considered in some insurance policies while they are considered in some.

Compare affordable Nursing Home Business Insurance

To save you the stress of searching for the right cover for your business, it is expedient that you take advantage of the fast and easy way to compare specialist home care business insurance here.

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