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Van Insurance Comparison

Half of all customers using this van insurance quote & buy tool are quoted less than £350* for van insurance cover. Compare over 62 insurers and brokers for the best price. 

Types of Insurance Cover

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

This gives the most significant level of cover for your vehicle, it includes third-party liability, fire, accident, and theft. It covers you, the victim, the van, and other people involved in the accident. Although it is very expensive, you can save cost when you compare cheap van insurance quotes.


Third party, fire, and theft

If there is an injury to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians or other vehicles and properties are damaged, this cover will pay. You also get covered when your vehicle gets damaged by fire or theft.

Van Insurance UK Price Comparison

Factors Affecting Your Van Insurance Premium

When filling your insurance application, it is imperative that you are totally honest with your answers. Why is this so? If your information is incorrect, then your claims may be rendered invalid. As you know, an invalid claim will deny you access to any help you seek.It is also important to ascertain that the policy selected covers all the required features, before reaching that final decision. When you compare cheap van insurance quotes, you should keep in mind that the cover can be affected by various factors. Some of the factors are listed below.

Vehicle Use

The usage of your van is a determinant for the price you will pay for insurance. Whether it is for hire for transportation of goods, social use, haulage, reward or own use. When you compare van insurance quotes, this is one information you must be truthful with.


The more secure your van is, the lesser the price to pay for insurance. Some van owners install security cameras, safety lock, and other security appliances to get cheapest van insurance cover.

Claims History

The price of your van’s insurance policy can increase if you have had any prior claims. If you have made claims on insurance in the past, this might have an adverse effect on the amount you eventually pay for your van insurance cover.


The type of job you do will have an effect on your premium. When you compare van insurance quotes, do well to ensure that the premium you subscribe to considers this factor.


Your premium can get affected by how many miles you do every year.

Helpful Links: Motor Association

BIBA – The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) is the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers.

BIBA membership includes just under 2,000 regulated firms, employing more than 100,000 staff.  General insurance brokers contribute 1% of GDP to the UK economy; they arrange 70% of all general insurance with a premium totalling £62.4bn and 87% of all commercial insurance business. Insurance brokers put their customers’ interests first, providing advice, access to suitable insurance protection and risk management.

Get A Van Insurance Quote

Compare Cheap Van Insurance Quotes

Comparing cheap insurance quotes is very important because it is a very good way to ensure that you are getting the correct cover at the best price. When you compare van insurance, you also have the privilege of checking your policy with the exact needs of your van. If you want the cheapest insurance quotes, then you should compare insurance quotes here.

*50% of customers who purchased Insurance through this service provided by Seopa were quoted less than £350 (Feb ’16 Sales).

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