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Motorised Horsebox Insurance Quotes

Having the right motorised horsebox insurance or trailer cover is essential given the highly prized nature of your main passenger – your horse!

Motorised Horsebox Insurance UK Price Comparison
Motorised Horsebox Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Motorised Horsebox Insurance UK Price Comparison

What Is Motorised Horsebox Insurance?

As horses become more popular among sports lovers and groomers, the business of transporting horses is also burgeoning. Any serious horse owner already knows the importance of considering insurance cover for horse boxes.

Motorised Horsebox insurance is a type of cover that offers protection for vehicles used to transport horses. This is often a daunting and stressful task and for this reason, many people avoid getting one. We at mymoneycomparison are committed to making this process seamless. We will help you compare motorised horsebox insurance quotes online.

Is Motorised Horsebox Insurance Required Legally?

To transport your horse using a motorised horsebox, you are required by law to have appropriate horsebox insurance. For horsebox vehicles that have been registered off-road, they are permitted not to have insurance, however, they must be registered as off-road with a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN).

If you do not want to go through stress, you can simply compare horsebox insurance quotes online. This will help to protect your pocket and ensure you stay on the road legally. You should know, however, that horsebox insurance or horse trailer insurance won’t provide cover for the animal itself. You will need to arrange for separate horse insurance in addition to motorised horsebox insurance for double protection.

Motorised Horsebox Insurance UK Price Comparison

Motorised Horsebox Insurance FAQs

2 types of Horsebox Insurance are:

1) Motorised Horseboxes, can be 3.5 tonnes up to 7.5 tonnes which larger one up to 17 tonnes

2) Trailer Horsebox – These are towed behind a vehicle

Factors to Consider When Getting Horsebox Insurance

When you compare Horsebox insurance quotes, there are some factors you need to consider. The weight of the horsebox, business operation, etc. should all be accounted for. As you know horses are very heavy animals. The weight of the load and the trailer shouldn’t exceed that of the towing vehicle. If the weight of the trailer is more than that of the towing vehicle, it could lead to the invalidation of your horse trailer or motorised horsebox insurance.

Types of Horsebox Insurance

The types of insurance cover for horse boxes are detailed below.

Third-Party Only (TPO) Horsebox Insurance Cover

TPO covers damages as regards to Third Party properties. It’s required by the law for drivers to also help cover liability for injuries, and also liability while towing a trailer.

Third-Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) Horsebox Insurance Cover

TPFT covers both the elements covered by the normal third party insurance. It also provides security against theft, fire damage, and any other damages done to the vehicle.

Comprehensive Horsebox Insurance Cover

A comprehensive basis offers all the coverings that TPFT offers. It also covers loss or damages done on vehicles, personal effects, damages caused by accident, medical expenses, and even protects things like the vehicle’s windscreen.

However, the range of insurance for horseboxes varies. Therefore, beyond the three basic choices of insurance, there exists an HGV insurance or motorised horsebox. This is related to weight issues. Any weight under 3.5 tones can be covered by van policies.

In addition, in choosing your horsebox insurance, you can also watch out for unlimited mileage, motorised horsebox insurance quotes, comprehensive horsebox insurance cover, and the breakdown available for the motorised horsebox insurance cover.

Horse Box Trailer Insurance or Motorised Horse Box Insurance

Since horse trailers are expensive, it is wise that you compare horsebox insurance policies first before you get your horse trailer covered. Third-party liability is best to be considered as a covering for your trailer. Although, the value of the trailer itself might not get covered.

When comparing insurance cover for horse trailers, things like liability, theft, accidental damage, and loss should be considered. Also, repair, recovery, and even the delivery of the trailer and its contents should be provided for.

Security should be an important consideration for insurers because horse trailers are vulnerable to theft. To ensure security, you can register your trailer on a database.

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