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Motor Traders Insurance Comparison

Compare motor traders insurance policy quotes with an exclusive motor trade broker panel for the best deals available

Compare Motor Traders Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance is also known as Traders Insurance and it is necessary for you if you deal with vehicles as part of your business operations. These business operations include buying and selling of vehicles, repairs, and servicing of cars, valeting or offering cover service for breakdowns, etc. It is also very important to get a motor trade insurance policy in order to be deemed as road legal. The process begins with getting a motor traders insurance quote and that is exactly why we are here.

We partner with top motor trader insurance brokers in order to help you find the right motor trader insurance cover for your business. Whether you are a car body shop owner, car electrician, car salesman, car mechanic, valet company or vehicle servicing station, our aim is to safeguard you and your business totally.

We urge you to go compare motor trade insurance today and get detailed, competitive quotes within minutes. The insurance panel providers motor traders insurance quotes over the phone when you enter your details here.

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What Is Covered In A Motor Traders Insurance Policy?

Our goal here is to ensure that you get motor traders insurance policy explained to you. Motor traders insurance can not only be enjoyed by car dealerships but also by businesses that conduct repairs, servicing, MOTs, valeting or and other services relating to repair or maintenance.

There are various forms of online motor trade insurance and they offer different levels of cover. Each motor trade insurance cover offers various features and benefits and you can choose depending on the nature of your business. Motor trade insurance covers often include protection for stock, property and assets. It also includes liability insurance to cover the public or the employer.

Forms of Motor Traders Insurance Policy

Road risk insurance is the most common form of motor trade insurance. This insurance is suitable for companies and individuals who deal in buying, selling or repair of vehicles on a full-time or part-time basis. They can either operate from an office or from home. Having road risks cover on your motor traders insurance means you can drive your vehicles and any other vehicle for your assignments.

Third-Party Insurance is the minimum level insurance required by law for drivers in the UK. It covers any damage to third-party property, liability for injury to others, and liability while towing a caravan or trailer.

Third-Party Fire and Theft insurance premium covers the basic third-party policy in addition to damage caused by fire, theft and any damage caused by crime.

Combined motor traders insurance is the most comprehensive form of insurance cover. It covers road risks in addition to liabilities and property damage.

motor trade insurance comparison quotes

Things to Consider

You must be a genuine motor trader in order to qualify for a cheap motor trade insurance cover. Many times, insurance companies ask for proof so as to avoid providing cheap cover to fraudulent buyers.

Vehicle Exclusions – Motor trader’s insurance covers will exclude certain types of vehicles. Ensure that the insurance policy you select covers the vehicles you deal with. Your motor trader insurance broker should provide a list of such vehicles.

Additional Occupations – If you are part-time motor traders with another main occupation, the motor trade insurance policy may not allow you to use vehicles in connection with your main occupation. You may require an extension to include this additional use in your motor trader insurance cover.

Cover and Benefits – Many motor traders insurance policies do not offer you the benefits of private car insurance offers. Hence, it is possible that you do not enjoy windscreen cover, no claims bonus, and courtesy vehicles.

Compare Motor Traders Insurance Quotes

For both full-time and part-time motor traders, can help you compare motor trader insurance covers. We help you compare quotes from highly esteemed motor traders insurance brokers who offer the perfect balance between value and price.

The motor trade industry is so wide and diverse. It is an industry whereby different strokes apply to different folks. That is why we take time to research and provide accurate motor traders insurance quotes that suit your needs. We also recommend speaking directly to one of our specialist partners or motor trade insurance brokers in order to aptly discuss your business requirements.

Whatever your needs are; the motor dealership, repair shop, salvage company, or an MOT center, we are a reliable brand to trust. We provide motor traders insurance quotes for road risk and combined risk. Ensure you get your motor traders insurance quote online now to enable you to plan for your business. Also, peruse our website properly to see the motor traders insurance policy explained.- Compare Motors Traders Insurance

Helpful Links : You can find more about motor trade bodies and associations by visitin:

The Institute of the Motor Industry Website

Retail Motor Trade Federation – The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) is the UK’s leading automotive trade body, representing franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers, independent garages, bodyshops, motorcycle dealers, petrol retailers, auction houses and cherished number plate dealers,

Can I drive my own car on a trader’s policy?

Yes, you can, most of the motor trade insurance policies also cover the car when in personal use. In short, the car just needs to have a business-related purpose. 

Can you get traders insurance at 21?

Almost all of the Motor trade insurance policies cover the businessmen of 25 years of age to 74 years old. However, with some exceptions and additional requirements, you can get traders insurance at 23. All the other people under 25 should have at least two years of driving experience and No claims history in order to get motor trade cover.   

How many cars can you have on a trader’s policy?

Generally, a home-based trader can have 5 cars covered through motor trade insurance policy. However, if you operate from business premises, you can have an unlimited number of cars in your possession or custody, all covered under motor trade insurance.

Do I need motor trade insurance?

If you are by any chance included in a motor trade sector or car industry, motor trade insurance is a compulsion. This includes drivers, traders, mechanics, valeters, jockeys, dealers and vehicle recovery agents.

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