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MOT Station Insurance

As an MOT station business owner, you carry out highly regulated work. That means you need specialised motor trade insurance to protect you against all risks that may arise from operating your business

MOT Station Insurance UK Price Comparison
MOT Station Insurance UK Price Comparison

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MOT Station Insurance UK Price Comparison

What Is MOT Station Insurance?

MOT station insurance offers specialized motor trade policies designed for MOT stations and their licenses. It’s true that regular motor trade insurance covers many types of businesses; however, MOT station insurance has been designed to meet the needs of MOT businesses.

While many of the protections needed by MOT stations are the same as those for other auto businesses, MOT stations perform specialized work that requires extra protection for road risk, public liability, and professional indemnity.

Some Of The Motor Traders Which Can Be Covered:

Compare MOT Station Insurance

As an MOT station business owner, you carry out highly regulated work. That means you need specialized motor trade insurance to protect you against all risks that may arise from operating your business.

We’ve got the right policy for you – it’s called MOT station insurance. MOT station insurance provides complete protection of customer vehicles, business premises, tools & equipment, and more. If you’d like to protect your business, then be sure to review our information on MOT station insurance

Motor Traders insurance can cover:


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MOT Station Insurance UK Price Comparison

MOT Station Insurance FAQs

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Legal Requirements for MOT Station Insurance

There are some legal requirements you must fulfil before setting up an MOT testing station and obtaining MOT station insurance:

  • You need suitable premises and approved equipment for the vehicle classes you test
  • You need an authorized examiner
  • You need a well-maintained facility
  • MOT tests must be properly conducted to ensure consistent standards are being met
  • Adequate motor trade insurance; without the proper insurance, you can’t legally perform MOT tests
What Levels of Coverage are Available With MOT Station Insurance?

There are basically three levels of coverage that you can purchase under MOT station insurance.

Third-party only: this policy allows you to work on customer vehicles and offers protection against accidents where a third party is liable. However, this policy does not pay for your injuries or damage to your vehicle. You must cover these out-of-pocket. Third-party only is the lowest level of insurance you are required to have by law.

Third-party, fire & theft: this is the same as third-party only; however, fire damage and theft are covered for your vehicle. Again, this policy does not pay for your injuries. You must cover these out-of-pocket.

Comprehensive: is the highest level of insurance you can have and protects all aspects of your business. It provides protection for your business premises, tools, machinery, and more.

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance?

While you’re not legally required to have public liability insurance, we highly recommend you take out this policy. It protects you against accidents and other issues involving public members who may press claims for damage, injuries, and the resulting legal costs.

How to Save on MOT Station Insurance Premiums?

Here are a couple of ways you can save money on MOT station insurance premiums:

Secure premises: ensure your business premises are as secure as possible to show your business poses a low risk for being robbed and making a claim.

Pay annually: some insurance providers offer a good discount annual payment of your insurance premium. It means lower administrative costs for them, which may help lower your premium.

Employ good drivers: ensure all named drivers have excellent driving histories with no convictions or points on their licenses. It’s also helpful to hire drivers who are over the age of 25, as they are seen as safer than younger drivers.

Minimize vehicle sales or roadside recovery: be sure to largely stay with service and repair work.

Claims: be sure to keep claims to a minimum.

Maintain high standards: this can help keep customer issues to a minimum.

Comparison shop: obtaining several quotes from reputable insurance providers can help you find the right policy at an affordable price.

What Does MOT Station Insurance Cover?

MOT station insurance offers protection for customer vehicles in your custody, care, and control. It also provides road risk protection to drive customer vehicles. MOT station insurance also protects you when driving other vehicles used for your motor trade business.

MOT station policies may also include the following (depending on the policies offered by individual insurance providers):

Garage buildings: covers damage to your business premises up to the full cost to rebuild.

Diagnostic equipment, tools, and machinery: all tools and equipment are protected against theft.

Money and key cover: protect you in case money or vehicle keys safely secured on-site are stolen.

Employer’s liability: is a legal requirement to protect against claims brought by employees for injury, illness, or death suffered while performing their work.

Public liability: protects you against claims made by a member of the public who is injured on your business premises.

Service indemnity: covers defective workmanship or product liability in case of claims arising from the incorrect fitting of parts or injury caused by faulty parts.

MOT loss of license cover: it’s illegal to run an MOT station without a license; insurance can protect you in case you lose your license (may be subject to certain conditions).

Engineering inspection: this is a separate policy that allows qualified engineers to conduct equipment inspections.

Vehicle stock cover: if you sell vehicles occasionally, this policy allows you to protect those vehicles stored on your business premises for this purpose.

Demonstration cover: allows for occasional vehicles for sale to be test-driven by members of the public

Business interruption: protects your business against damage to business premises that makes it impossible to run the business (fire, flooding, and more).

Road risk: for when you need to test vehicles or move them from one location to another

Am I Eligible for MOT Station Insurance?

Yes, you are eligible if you have a valid MOT license and have the following:

  • Suitable premises
  • At least one authorized examiner
  • A well-maintained testing facility

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