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Import car insurance,

Purchasing imported cars is a growing trend among UK consumers, as this can be a cheaper alternative to conventional UK bought cars. Not only can imported cars be cheaper, they can also have enhanced equipment and features. They can be built to a higher specification and you may even be able to find an unusual model that’s not available in the UK if you are after something a little different.

Nonetheless, although it can be tempting to purchase a unique car that stands out from the crowd, you need to be aware that it can be difficult to find affordable imported car insurance cover. This is why it is vital to not only research the vehicle itself, but also thoroughly search the market.

Factors affecting Insurance

Although you may have snapped up a bargain car from overseas, you can subsequently be stung with expensive car insurance quotes as sourcing replacement parts can be difficult and expensive should your vehicle need repairing in the event of a claim.

It’s not only parts which can raise the price of insuring your vehicle, the structural standards of imported cars are not always the same as European models (e.g. Left hand drive) which can also boost insurance premiums. Moreover, imported vehicles often have higher engine specifications compared with conventional UK cars, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Another important factor to consider before purchasing imported vehicles is that insurance firms will require you to undergo a process of testing under the Single Vehicle Approval scheme. Passing this test is a requirement for your vehicle to become road worthy.

What are the different types of imported car?

When buying a car from overseas, it is vital to understand is that the cost of imported car insurance depends on the category into which your vehicle falls, whether it be a grey import, which are cars that are built outside the EU and do not conform to European standards, or a parallel import, which are cars bought in another EU country, with a specification identical or very close to its UK equivalent.

Grey imports do often have higher performance specifications compared with their European equivalents (this is particularly likely if you purchase an import car from Japan). Like standard UK built car insurance, if you have more power under the bonnet, the likelihood of the driver having an accident increases, which can result in higher premiums.

Finding the best deal for import car insurance Cover

When seeking good value import car insurance, it’s worth researching the specialist insurers which offer policies that are specifically designed for vehicles from overseas, however, be aware that these specialist insurers aren’t always the cheapest. To find the best deal for you compare the market of both specialist and mainstream insurance companies.