Compare Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance is important whether you drive an old or vintage Alfa, MGB, Mini or Triumph, we work with brands who can cover all makes and models of classic car including modern or modified classics. Insurance for classics doesn’t have to cost the earth and the specialist partners at seopa can provide you with competitive quotes that could save you money on insurance for your classic car.

When it comes to insuring your classic we work with partners who can cover you for using your classic as your regular motor, including commuting to and from work, as well as limited mileage policies or cover for classic cars which are only involved in concourse events.

Most insurers will offer discounts for members of certain classic car owners clubs and for cars which are garaged overnight. Classic car insurance cover can also extend to your car whilst it is being restored or in project stage – sometimes referred to as a laid up policy. quotezones classic car insurance partners can offer an agreed value for your classic car should the worst ever happen.


The market for classic cars has always been strong but appears to be growing as more people realise that classic cars can be an enjoyable and affordable mode of transport even for the daily commute. And in this era of reduce, re-use, recycle, owning a classic car makes even more sense. At we have made searching for classic car insurance even easier so you can compare classic car insurance quotes from some of the best insurance providers on the market.

The definition of a classic can differ since there are some cars referred to as modern classics for instance the MK1 Golf. From a car tax point of view a vehicle built before 1 January 1973 could fit into the historical vehicle tax class. Many classic cars fall into this category which means you don’t have to pay vehicle tax but you do still need to apply for and own a nil value tax disc and of course have classic or other car insurance to cover the vehicle.