Compare Cheap Convicted Driver Car Insurance

Convicted Drivers Insurance A

ll drivers must be aware that it is UK law to have valid car insurance no matter what your circumstances, even if you have criminal convictions against your name.

When searching for car insurance cover when you have a criminal conviction, it can be very difficult to find a company who will offer you any cover, and once more, when you have found an insurer who will cover you, the premiums quoted can be extortionately priced. However, it is much better to fork out for an insurance policy than not, as you can be fined up to £1,000 by the DVLA if caught driving uninsured, and if you were to have an accident, costly fines or even prison sentences can be enforced.

Why is finding car insurance with a criminal conviction difficult?

In regards to the type of conviction under your name whether it’s a motoring offense, or an offense completely unrelated to driving, you can still encounter difficulties when it comes to finding car insurance. The reason behind insurers quoting high premiums or refusing to offer you cover is because criminally convicted drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents and make claims, and therefore can be considered too high-risk to insure.

Declaring convictions

When obtaining car insurance quotes, it is essential that you are upfront and honest regarding your convictions even if they are ‘unspent’. Criminal convictions become spent, or can be disregarded after a certain period, the length of which depends on your conviction. For example, if you were sentenced to community service, your conviction is spent after five years, which means you no longer have to declare it to insurers. However, if you faced a prison sentence of six months or less, then it won’t be spent for seven years, increasing to 10 years for sentences between six months and two and a half years. Sentences of two and a half years or more are never spent, meaning you will always have to declare them to an insurance company.

Remember, never be tempted to withhold declaring any convictions even if it could reduce your options when it comes to buying cover. Failure to disclose convictions can make your policy invalid, and your insurer will not be able to process a claim.

Finding the right deal for YOU

Drivers can find themselves unable to find cover from mainstream insurers; however, specialist insurance companies exist who are dedicated in providing car insurance for convicted drivers.

There are a number of ways to reduce the price of Convicted Drivers Insurance quotations such as:

    • Increasing your policy excess (however, do not make this so expensive so that you could not afford to pay the excess should you need to make a claim)
    • Opting to drive less frequently (lower mileage)
    • Keeping your vehicle in a secure location (e.g. in a garage overnight)
    • Fitting a black box to record and monitor your driving

You should always try to compare convicted driver insurance quotes from as many different insurers as possible to ensure you find the right deal at the right price to suit your individual needs.