Car Insurance For Modified Cars

Many motoring enthusiasts are not content with the standard specification of their cars and want to change aspects of them to suit their own preferences. These changes can be anything from alloy wheels, window tints or a spoiler, to leather seats or even a nitrous kit!

For many motorists, modifications improve a car’s appearance and performance but these alterations to original specifications can create problems when it comes to looking for car insurance. Some modifications can have a big impact on car insurance premiums, so before modifying any car drivers should be aware of what the likely impact could be on car insurance prices.

Insurance providers have to re-evaluate potential risk when modifications are made to cars and this can impact on the pricing of policies, because of three key considerations:

  • Car modifications can increase a car’s performance and power
  • Car modifications can increase a car’s value
  • Car modifications can make cars more desirable to thieves

All three of these factors increase the insurer’s risk and they take them into account when calculating insurance prices. For example, if a new exhaust system or body kit is fitted it could increase the performance of a car but also increase the likelihood of accidents. Likewise if a car owner decides to add alloy wheels and tinted windows to a vehicle, it could increase the vehicles value, but also inflate the insurance premium. Modified cars are also more likely to stand out from others, making them more appealing to car thieves and therefore a greater risk than a standard vehicle from an insurer’s point of view.

Insurance companies may treat any change that has been made to a car since its production as a modification. However, not all insurance providers treat all modifications in the same way. Some companies, for example, may not judge the addition of alloy wheels as a modification that warrants a higher premium. In general, however, if modifications are being made that will increase the performance of a car they are more likely to have a bigger effect on the cost of insurance compared to more aesthetic changes such as adding tinted windows.


Modified Car Insurance Quotes

Car modifications can make motor insurance more expensive but some car modifications can actually reduce premiums. Upgrades and additions to car security systems will decrease risk from an insurer’s perspective as it should lower the chances of a car being broken into or stolen. Security system modifications such as approved alarms, immobilisers or tracking devices can therefore reduce insurance costs. Additionally, locking wheel nuts will also help to improve a car’s security and decrease the likelihood of theft.

For younger drivers, the effect of making modifications to a car can be even more dramatic. Finding relatively cheap modified car insurance for a young driver can be difficult as the risk to the insurer is higher. However, there are a few things that can help to keep modified car insurance as cheap as possible. Adding a more experienced motorist to a policy as a second driver can help in some cases. Taking additional driving courses such as Pass Plus can also help to reduce modified car insurance costs.

Whether modifications are made to improve a car’s performance, looks or security, it is very important to disclose everything to the insurance provider. Failure to disclose any modifications could lead to a policy being invalidated and a rejection of any claims made on it.

As with all insurance it is usually beneficial to shop around and compare prices from different providers and this is no different for cars with modifications. Specialist insurers may be able to offer more competitive premiums or specialist cover options that may provide more suitable insurance cover than that provided by more mainstream insurers. It is important to weigh up options and to consider both price and level of cover when choosing a policy. Generally, making modifications to a car will increase the cost of insurance and it pays to check this out before making them. with the help of its Partner Seopa will help you find a panel of specialist modified car insurance providers that could help to reduce modified car insurance costs. Simply click on the “Get A Quote Today” button and in minutes you could be saving money.