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Surgery Insurance, whatever type of patients you deal with, in your line of work you need to expect the unexpected. So, when your looking for insurance for your surgical practice, finding the right insurance to protect your livelihood is crucial. Every practice is different with its own set of risks and challenges, so when searching for insurance it is important to find a provider who understands your individual needs.

Having Surgery insurance for your Practice can protect you against damage to your property and equipment, and can cover your premises in the event of third party claims being made against you. There are a number of variables to consider when taking out surgery insurance, with some elements being fundamental to protecting your business such as employers liability cover; to optional extras such as cover for computer equipment should you need it. Listed below are the main variables you should look out for when taking out a policy:

Professional indemnity insurance

This protects you financially for any third party claims against your staff and/or practice as a result of employee negligence for example loss, theft or damage of client documents in your care, including personal data.

If for instance your practice is based in your house, e.g. veterinary clinics or cosmetic surgeries where procedures are carried out, professional indemnity cover should be a crucial aspect of your surgery insurance. The limit of cover which you take out depends on the size of your practice and the number of clients.

Public liability insurance

This offers you protection if a patient or member of the public was to suffer a loss or injury as a result of its business activities and went on to make a claim for compensation. The insurance would cover the compensation payment plus any legal expenses, for example, a patient is injured as a result of your surgery breaching health and safety regulations.

Employers practice liability insurance

Employers liability surgery insurance protects you from financial loss if staff claim against your surgery for reasons including illness or injury, discrimination and unfair dismissal. The maximum cover available can run into the millions of pounds.

Commercial property insurance

This protects your building and, often (but not always) the contents of your surgery, it is designed to pay out if items are lost, damaged or stolen, or if the building itself is vandalised or damaged. The level of cover you need will depend on the value of your surgery and the value of equipment and contents inside. The location and the security of the local area will also depend on the cover needed.

Locum insurance

This offers financial cover should you need to hire temporary locum staff to cover an employees absence. Before taking out a policy, it is important to first check when you would receive payment from the insurer. Locum insurance can be particularly useful for GP surgeries insurance, if you run a small practice where covering a staff members absence for a prolonged period may overstretch your human and financial resources.

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