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Driving a taxi or a cab is a challenging and trying occupation. It includes spending long hours on the road, usually in a built up urban environment, coping with madness and the traffic which comes with city life. Particularly when you spend that much time driving and factor pedestrians and other vehicles into the equation injuries are inevitable. It won’t stop another motorist from crashing into you, if you’re the most attentive, seasoned motorist out there!

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This is the reason it’s vital to shield you, your passengers and your vehicle to have the right coverage from your cab insurance policy. We recognise this is your main income, so you should be working as fast as possible and back on the roads.

With assistance from our specialist insurance providers, they work hard to assist you to locate a policy to suit your own needs.

Cabs fall into two types: public rental and private hire. Black cabs are public hire taxi, but are in a league of their own.

Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Private hire cabs cannot only pick up passengers from the road and must be pre-booked. Not only that, they are prohibited from showing a ‘cab’ sign. But since they’re pre-booked it so gets them at less danger which then brings down the cost of their insurance premium.

Public Rental Taxi Insurance

Public hire taxi may also be pre-reserved, but unlike private hire cabs, they could be hailed anywhere and pick up passengers wherever they select. It will be public hire taxis which work at night, frequently coping with boisterous and intoxicated passengers, which raises the dangers entailed for the taxi driver. This is the reason insurance premiums in many cases are higher than for private hire cabs; that public hire taxi drivers their automobiles newer and are generally elderly, which some suppliers reduce their policies so and will look at favourably.

If you need to insure multiple cabs or own a taxi company, then it could be worth checking out our fleet insurance page.

Coverage Attributes

As with any vehicle insurance policy, there are three distinct choices available:

  • Third party just – just insures harm or any damage caused to others as an outcome of your activities
  • Third party, fire and theft – same as previously, however insures you for damage due to fire or loss because of theft
  • Fully Comprehensive – This is the maximum amount of cover available for an automobile, and covers not only damage to others but contains your own vehicle also.

We’d advocate getting totally comprehensive insurance if it’s within your budget to do that, although the legal minimum demand is third party insurance. 6 months down the line, although maybe you are saving money now you’ve got an injury and are held liable when, you could wind up paying a good deal more.

Key coverage attributes which you would expect with any taxi policy and what would help you to lower your insurance.

– Loss of Earnings

– Legal Fees

– In Vehicle Cameras – Installing cameras in your cab will lower the cost of your premium and may also be used to back up any testimony in court should you’ve got an injury. Having video footage of the occasion will be advantageous to both parties as it provides clear evidence of just who was at fault etc. involved

– Windscreen and Glass Cover – Glass is among the costliest things and covering the number of miles a cab does raises the likelihood of it becoming damaged or chipped. A windscreen that is damaged will prevent you from bringing in also and thus from working.

– Immediate Documentation Accessible

– Car Hire Cover and Vehicle Replacing – Injuries can frequently lead to a trip to the garage, which means being unable to work in the meantime and waiting to get your cab repaired. With this attribute, you are going to be given a replacement cab or have the price of hiring a replacement insured.

– Public Liability Insurance – If personal injury is suffered by a part of the people or if property is damaged due to your company, it’ll cover the costs of any legal expenses or damages claims made against you. This is especially significant for self-employed taxi drivers, because there’s nobody to hold liable in the event of an injury.

– Adaptive Payments – insuring your cab can not be cheap, which is why many insurance companies offer yearly, quarterly or monthly payments, determined by which one best suits your demands. To keep down prices, we advocate making one yearly payment.

– Quick and Easy Claims Procedure – Generally, maintaining in your coverage is more complex than setting it up in the first place. Businesses will place as many hurdles in your course as they can to prolong the procedure that is paying out. Our associates will endeavor to process your claim as fast as possible, and have a clear-cut and dependable claims procedure.

– Protected No Claims Bonus – In case of an injury that is not your fault, your no claims bonus won’t be changed.

– 24/7 Customer Service – Taxi drivers frequently unusual hours, so you would expect a 24/7 customer service.

– Failure Help – The more you’re off the road, the more you aren’t bringing in. Failure support is a reasonable thing to include in your policy, in the event you find yourself taking a fare someplace distant and you end up stuck by the roadside with a broken-down cab.

Check the list carefully and determine just which coverage attributes are important for you; being under-insured can be a catastrophe, and being over-insured is an unneeded expense. Insurance companies additionally consider the age of the motorist, their driving history and the worth of the vehicle when computing an estimate.

So, if you need to get a quote from our variety of skilled suppliers, simply get a quote today, Taxi Insurance Online Quote Instant.

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