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Kit Car Insurance Comparison

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Kit Car Insurance UK Price Comparison
Kit Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Kit Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

Comparing Kit Car Insurance Quotes

Are you thinking of buying a kit car? Maybe you should consider how you’ll insure it first. Kit cars are special and as a result, they demand special insurance. We know that you have spent a lot of time and energy building the perfect kit car. For this reason, we want to make the process of acquiring insurance easy.

A kit car is a very special kind of car and the insurance is equally special. You need insurance coverage for this vehicle in the process of construction. Some of the stages are explained below.

Kit Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

Kit Car Insurance FAQs

What is a kit car?

A kit car is a vehicle that’s sold in the form of a kit, which the buyer then assembles into a fully functioning car. The kit typically includes the parts necessary to build the car, although some kits require the buyer to provide certain parts, often including the engine, transmission, or other key components.

kit car insurance

Kit cars can be replicas of famous or vintage vehicles, custom designs, or even experimental vehicles such as electric or solar-powered cars. They can vary greatly in terms of complexity and quality. Some can be assembled relatively easily with standard tools, while others may require more advanced mechanical skills.

Kit cars are often bought by car enthusiasts who enjoy the process of building their own vehicles. They can offer the satisfaction of constructing and customizing a car to personal specifications, and they often allow owners to drive a unique or classic car model without the associated price tag of a pre-built or restored vehicle of the same model.

Once a kit car is fully assembled, it must pass inspection to ensure it meets safety and emission standards before it can be legally driven on public roads. The exact requirements and procedures can vary by country and state or region.

What is cover in a kit car insurance policy cover?

A kit car insurance policy typically provides coverage similar to a standard auto insurance policy, but it also includes additional protections tailored specifically to the unique risks associated with kit cars. Here are some common cover that you might find in a kit car insurance policy:

  • Build Coverage: Since many kit cars are self-built, some insurance providers offer coverage that protects you from the moment you start building your car. This can cover the parts against theft or damage during the build phase.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This covers damage to your car from non-collision-related incidents, like fire, theft, or vandalism.
  • Collision Coverage: Collision coverage pays for damage to your kit car when you hit or are hit by another vehicle or object.
  • Liability Coverage: This covers damage you cause to other people or their property while driving.
  • Agreed Value Coverage: Traditional valuation methods don’t work well for kit cars since they’re unique and often don’t have a standard market value. So, many insurers offer “agreed value” coverage, where you and the insurer agree on the value of the car when you take out the policy. If the car is later written off, you’d be paid this agreed amount.
  • Salvage Retention Rights: If your kit car is damaged beyond repair, some insurers offer the option to buy back the salvage. This could be particularly important if your car has valuable parts.
  • Show and Event Coverage: Kit car enthusiasts often take their cars to shows or events. Some kit car insurance policies offer cover for these activities, including transit to and from the event.
  • Limited Mileage Discount: Since kit cars are often not used as daily drivers, you might be eligible for a limited mileage discount if you only drive the car occasionally or over a short distance.

As with any insurance policy, the specifics can vary between different insurers. Always read the policy documents carefully and clarify any questions with your insurance provider before taking out a policy.


List of different kit car in the UK?

Here are several well-known kit car options available in the UK:

  1. Caterham Cars: Caterham is perhaps one of the most famous kit car manufacturers. Their cars are based on the Lotus Seven design, and they offer several models with different levels of performance.
  2. Westfield Sportscars: Westfield produces a range of kit cars inspired by the Lotus Seven design. They also offer a pre-built option.
  3. Ultima Sports: They are known for their high-performance sports car kits, particularly the Ultima GTR and Ultima Evolution.
  4. Robin Hood Sports Cars: Known for their affordable Lotus Seven-inspired cars, their range includes the Robin Hood 2B.
  5. GKD Sports Cars: The company’s popular models include the GKD Legend, which uses a BMW donor vehicle, and the GKD Evolution, which is based on the Lotus Seven design.
  6. Quantum Sports Cars: Quantum’s range includes the Quantum Xtreme, a Lotus Seven-style car, and the Quantum H4, a small sports car based on the Ford Fiesta.
  7. Factory Five Racing: Although they are based in the USA, their kits, including the famous Mk4 Roadster (a Cobra replica), are available in the UK.
  8. Dax Cars: Known for their high-quality Cobra replicas, including the Dax Tojeiro.
  9. MK Sportscars: Offering a range of affordable Lotus Seven-style cars, including the Indy RR and Indy R.
  10. Hawk Cars: Specializes in replicas of classic cars like the 289 series Cobra, the HF Lancia Stratos, and the Lola T70 Mk IIIb.

Remember, when purchasing a kit car, it’s crucial to understand what’s included in the kit and what additional parts you’ll need. Also, make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations around building and registering a kit car in the UK. It’s also worth noting that not all kit car manufacturers offer comprehensive assembly manuals, so a degree of mechanical knowledge and skill can be beneficial.

What is a kit car and what's types of kit cars are there?

A kit car is a vehicle that is built from a set of parts that a manufacturer sells. The buyer of the kit car generally assembles the car or has it assembled by a third party. The main draw of kit cars is that they allow car enthusiasts to drive a unique, often classic, car model without the associated price tag.

There are several types of kit cars available, including:

  1. Replicas: These are kit cars that are designed to replicate the look and feel of an iconic or classic car. Common replicas include cars like the Shelby Cobra, the Lotus Seven, or the Ford GT40.
  2. Dune Buggies: These are often simple kit cars designed for off-road use, with a basic frame and high suspension. The most famous example is probably the Meyers Manx, a kit car based on a modified VW Beetle chassis.
  3. Roadsters: These are sporty two-seater cars. The Lotus Seven and its replicas (such as the Caterham Seven) are prime examples.
  4. Components Cars: These kits use a mixture of parts from various manufacturers. The Factory Five Racing’s kit cars fall into this category, where they supply the kit and the builder supplies a donor car for the remaining parts.
  5. Original Design: Some kit cars have unique designs and aren’t replicas of existing cars. These offer car builders a chance to drive a truly unique vehicle.
  6. Electric and Hybrid Kit Cars: With the rise of electric vehicles, some companies offer kits to build electric and hybrid cars. These can be either replicas of classic designs or entirely new designs.

One of the appealing aspects of kit cars is the opportunity they provide for customisation. Builders can choose the specifics of the performance and aesthetic features, leading to a vehicle that is uniquely their own. However, remember that all road-worthy vehicles, including kit cars, must comply with safety and emission standards, which vary by country and region.

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