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Campervan Insurance Comparison

We understand that being on the road in a campervan can prove to be very different, hence, it requires a different form of insurance. 

Campervan Insurance UK Price Comparison
Campervan Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Campervan Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Scouting for cheap campervan insurance quotes? We always advise that you assiduously read the full cover because the small print is where you will find the most useful information. A lot of features you add to your campervan are usually not covered by the standard insurance policy so even after we help you compare cheap campervan insurance quotes, it is advisable to pay attention to the fine print.

Do you love your campervan? Then you should protect it with everything you have. We are committed to helping you get cheap campervan insurance comparison in order to provide value for your money. We have dedicated experts who have a wealth of experience in the business of providing cheap campervan insurance quotes and this is executed in no time.

Campervan Insurance UK Price Comparison

Campervan Insurance FAQs

Getting the Right Campervan Insurance Cover for You

We have a team of experts who have been in the insurance industry for a while and we perfectly understand that our clients are not interested in spending time in long queues waiting for quotes. To this end, we provide cheap campervan insurance quotes online instantly! Our priority is your satisfaction and we will stop at no length to ensure this.

We also understand that many people cannot afford to splurge on insurance policies, hence, we take time to provide cheap campervan insurance comparison so you can make well-informed decisions and 

also save money.

When you compare cheap campervan insurance policy with us, ensure you consider the usage of your campervan and the appropriate cover you will need. We have a dedicated team of customer service staffs who are interested in listening to your queries and shedding more light on the whole process.

What campervan insurance can cover?
Breakdown cover:

If your campervan breakdowns during the trip or doesn’t even start in the first place, most of the insurance companies provide on-site help and home start services in this regard.

Cover for Personal Possessions:

Campervan insurance provides cover for personal possessions. That may include your camping gear or electronic gadgets that you take along on your trips. In addition to that, quality insurance also provides cover for the damage caused due to heating/coking accidents in your campervan.

In addition to that, if you are taking something extra on your next trip that isn’t in your contract, it’s better to update the insurance policy first. So that all of your belongings possess insured cover.

European cover:

Most of the campervan insurances provide you with a free European cover for up to 90 days! That means if your campervan in under UK registration you can have hassle-free trips across Europe with legal protection up to £100,000.

Covers for Campers of all makes/models:

There are a variety of campervans available in the market. Volkswagen topping the list. Nowadays, custom-built and modified campervans are also becoming a trend. Keeping this in view, campervan insurances provide covers for every kind of vehicle. Regardless of its size, make, model, manufacturing year and company.

Levels of Campervan Insurance:
  1. Third-party only:

This is the minimum level of insurance you can buy for your campervan. It doesn’t protect the van itself however easily pays the public liability if your campervan gets in a fatal crash damaging other people’s belongings, their health or both.

  1. Third-Party Fire and Theft:

Third-party fire and theft, in addition to covering the public liability, also protect your van from the damage. Although the sort of damage that occurs due to fire or if the van gets stolen. However, it would not pay for your van if it gets in an accident that was your fault.

  1. Comprehensive:

Comprehensive covers for your campervan are a safer option. They not only cover all the above-mentioned insurances but also cover you and your van from any unfortunate incident. In short, it’s a complete campervan insurance package that ensures a stress-free road experience for the travelers.

What campervan insurance does not cover?
Theft that’s your mistake:

Campervan insurance doesn’t provide cover for you if the campervan gets stolen due to the negligence. That means if you haven’t used proper security measures or left the engine running, unattended. If the theft is somehow, linked to your carelessness, the company will not provide any sort of cover.

Damage to tires:

Insurance companies also don’t cover for the damage to tires caused by braking. It may include bursts, punctures, and even cuts. For the very reason, the same safety standards for tires apply to the campervans just like that of cars, in the UK.

More to explore:
How much is insurance on a camper van?

Campervans insurance is usually expensive. The insurance cost depends on a lot of factors. Like the type of campervan, its size, make and model. It can range from anywhere between £800 to £3,200 per year, on average.

How campervan is different from a motorhome?

A campervan is a van with living and sleeping accommodation. It is usually the best fit for families when going on road trips. On the other hand, the motorhome is a living compartment on a truck/bus chassis. It’s usually more luxurious, larger in size and has complete home-like facilities; bedrooms, TV lounges, cooking areas, and even meeting rooms for business purposes.

What does insurance cover on a camper?

Standard campervan insurance provides appropriate cover for public liabilities. However, there are a lot of insurances available that can cover both the public liability and your camper; your personal belongings, your health expenses, and other material damage costs.

Is it cheaper to insure a campervan?

Usually, campervan insurance is 10% to 50% cheaper than panel van insurance.

Is Campervan Insurance Necessary?

Without being verbose, the answer is yes. The law requires you to ensure your campervan in case it is involved in an accident. However, there are various selections to consider. This is the sole reason why we are at your service; to help you compare these various campervan insurance policies and give you detailed information on this.

Looking for a Campervan Insurance Policy that Covers your Type of Campervan

Campervan covers various kinds of vehicles, however, there are different models available today. A micro campervan, a low-profile model, and an American RV qualify as a campervan for various campervan insurance brokers now, so you need to be sure your vehicle is covered after you compare cheap campervan insurance.

Different Types of Campervan Insurance

Third party insurance is the most minimal form of insurance policy available and it usually covers the essentials required by law. You can compare cheap campervan insurance and know which third party insurance you need to get.

Third party fire and theft, in addition to the basic protection provided by third-party insurance, also provides cover for covers for fire damage and the theft of a campervan.

Comprehensive insurance, as the name implies, provides a very comprehensive campervan insurance cover.  Here, your vehicle and any other vehicle involved in an accident enjoy full protection. Even though people wrongly assume that it’s expensive, it can be affordable. With our cheap campervan insurance comparison, you are free to browse through our information and find the cover which best suits your needs.

You are also advised to consider the age of your campervan and the cost of replacement or repair before you select the appropriate level of cover. We put a lot of thought into the comprehensive insurance cover we provide, hence, we urge you to take it seriously.

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