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Park Home Insurance Comparison

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Park Home Insurance UK Price Comparison
Park Home Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Park Home Insurance UK Price Comparison

What is Park Home Insurance?

Park home insurance is a type of homeowner’s insurance created specially to cover park homes, also known as mobile homes, or residential caravans. These homes are considered to be residential structures, not vehicles used for leisure travel. Park homes are made to be lived in on a specific type of site, usually referred to as a “pitch,” which is usually located in a park for mobile homes. They are classified “non-standard” buildings (referring to the materials used to build them and the way they’re built).

To be labelled a park home, a residential caravan must meet the specifications of British Standard 3632. The home is prefabricated, and it must be assembled on a site according to the manufacturer’s directions, and the home must meet specific health and safety standards. These specifications have been created to ensure that mobile homes meet health and safety requirements for residential dwellings, and that they are weather resistant and of sound construction.

That’s a lot of information to cover; however, it’s necessary you have a basic understanding of what a park home is and government specifications for these homes. Why? Because to obtain insurance for your home, it will have to meet these definitions and specifications.

Park Home Insurance UK Price Comparison

Park Home Insurance FAQs

Park Homes – an Increasingly Viable Home Option

Park homes, also known as mobile homes, have become a popular housing choice all over the UK. In fact, according to the Government, there were about 85,000 households living in mobile homes in England back in 2016. This number has continued to grow over the last three years. The reasons for their popularity? Let’s take a quick look:

  • Great for retirees: mobile home living has attracted more retirees due to cost and people looking to downsize comfortably.
  • Security: living in a park offers more security for homeowners.
  • Peaceful & quiet living: park home living sites are usually located in more rural areas, making them perfect for anyone looking for more peace and quiet in their lives.
  • Eco-friendliness: park homes are usually considered more eco-friendly, due to being built in a factory all at one time; they also offer energy-efficient living, making utility bills lower.
  • Support community spirit: living in a smaller neighbourhood with other park homeowners creates a sense of community spirit.

With park homes becoming a popular home choice, the market for park homeowner’s insurance has also grown and expanded to meet demand.

Is Park Home Insurance Different Than Traditional Home Insurance?

Yes, due to the differences in construction between a traditional home and a mobile home. Most standard homes are made of “bricks and mortar,” while park homes are made of fiberglass and plywood; they’re also manufactured in a factory, making them classified as “non-standard” constructed homes. Standard built homes offer a lower risk to damage from storms, etc. However, mobile homes pose a slightly higher risk to damage due to the materials used to build them.

This is why standard homeowner’s insurance will not protect a park home. You must buy insurance that’s specifically created for a mobile home.

Is Park Home Insurance Compulsory?

No, the law doesn’t require you to insure your park home. However, if you use a mortgage or loan to purchase your home, the financial institution usually requires that you insure the home. In addition, park homeowners, who rent out the land to site your home, also require proof that your home is insured. Parks have the right to check for proof of insurance on an annual basis.

In addition, some mobile home parks require you to have property owners’ liability insurance, which protects you from third parties who are injured or whose property is damaged while on your home’s site.

What Does Park Home Insurance Cover?

As with other types of insurance, you’ll find that park home insurance policies (and what they include) are different from one insurance provider to the next. Here’s a list of what to look for in a mobile home insurance policy:

  • New for old replacement for life: in the event your home is destroyed, it will be replaced with a new equivalent—no matter the age of your home. These policies may also include site clearance (clean up & removal of debris where your house is located), re-sitting, delivery and more.
  • New for old replacement on contents: if you’d like to insure your home’s contents, then this policy works to replace household items damaged beyond repair with new ones. This usually includes clothing, linens, etc.
  • Temporary alternative accommodation: in the event your home has been horribly damaged, and it’s not possible to live in it, this type of policy will provide you with an alternative place to temporarily live.
  • Blanket cover insurance: coverages almost everything with a single limit. You might think of this as a comprehensive policy; however, the details will vary between insurance companies in what is provided under this type of coverage.
Do Park Home Insurance Policies Offer Add-Ons?

Yes, and these will also vary between insurance companies. Here are some of the most common add-ons you’ll find:

  • Key protection: covers the loss or theft of your home’s keys. Some policies will also replace external locks on your vehicle, park home, and possibly even your office.
  • Excess protection: if you need to make a claim on your motor home, then this policy will reimburse the excess you’ve had to pay.
  • Homecare emergency: covers emergency repairs to your park home, such as a burst pipe or the furnace not working, etc.
  • Owner’s liability: protects you, as the homeowner, from third parties who may press a legal suit, suffer personal injury, etc. It generally provides legal assistance and covers legal expenses.
Is Park Home Insurance Expensive?

When compared to traditionally built homes, yes, park home insurance does tend to cost more. The reason is the higher risk of park homes to damage due to their non-standard building methods and materials.

How Can I Find the Best Premium for Park Home Insurance?

The best way is to comparison shop for park home insurance. Be sure to look for insurance providers who specialize in this type of insurance. Online insurance comparison sites are a great way to start your research into mobile home insurance.

Once you’ve created a list of insurers, it’s a good idea to call or visit their offices and talk directly with a knowledgeable insurance agent. Ask questions about the policy, so you completely understand what’s covered, what add-ons they have, etc.

Buying park home insurance doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Know the basics and then comparison shop to find the best coverage for you and your home.

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