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Import Car Insurance Comparison

We understand that being on the road in a campervan can prove to be very different, hence, it requires a different form of insurance. 

Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison
Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

Compare Import Car Insurance

You have successfully imported your car from overseas. This is good news and you are not alone. Recently, the world has witnessed an explosive increase in the number of people who buy cars abroad. Some people believe imported cars are cheaper, some like the fact that they have better specifications and requirements. Now that you have the car, don’t you think you should compare import car insurance?

Generally, people go through a lot of stress trying to get car insurance for imported motors. Many times, this is because of the complexity of the cars, the design, and the cost. For this reason, we have provided a way to compare import car insurance.

Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

Import Car Insurance FAQs

Types of Imported Car
Grey Import

Any vehicle without EU approval is tagged a grey import. It is often even more stressful trying to compare grey import insurance quotes yourself due to the scarcity of these brands. This type of insurance covers rare and fancy models which are not optimized for UK roads.

The cars include the high-end American cars and other Japanese specials. The reason for their difficulty when seeking insurance is due to the dearth of available parts and specialist mechanics. If you get into an accident with this car, the insurance company would go extra lengths to repair or replace these parts.

Parallel Import

Parallel import cars are cars which were imported from other countries in the European Union. Most times, the specifications of these vehicles are similar to that in the UK. For this reason, they are easier to insure compared to when you are seeking to insure left-hand drive and other import cars.

Even though some parallel imports might come from European countries, they might differ slightly from UK cars. For example, some EU cars still come left-handed. This might cause a bump in your imported car insurance quote, however, the price will still be significantly lower compared to Japanese import car insurance.

Getting Cheap Imported Car Insurance

Even though it might sound obvious, but the most effective way of getting a good deal on your car insurance is to actually get the best deal for your import car insurance. You get the best deals when you compare cheap import car insurance online. By inputting your details here, you get swift access to available import car insurance and you can choose the plan which fits your budget best.

Another way to reduce the premium you pay on your grey import insurance premium is to help your insurance company ensure the security of your car. There are many cost-effective ways to do this. For example, you can install alarm systems and security cams.

Furthermore, when you park your imported vehicle in a secure garage, the insurance brokers understand that you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle. For this reason, they reduce the premium you have to pay.

Also, other normal methods which earn you a premium discount on conventional car insurance can be used to get reduced import car insurance. For example, when you build your no-claim bonus, you get a fat reduction. When you also maintain low mileage, your insurance company deals favourably with you.

What are you waiting for? Take the bold step today. Compare cheap import car insurance and cruise in your fancy car as you wish.

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