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Motorbike Insurance

COMPARE FOR THE RIGHT COVER FOR YOUR MOTORBIKE, MOPED OR SCOOTER. Pay-less-than Figure 51% of customers paid £132 or less*

Why You Need Motorbike Insurance

It is a legal requirement to have a motorbike insurance in place for any motorbike you own, even if you have it locked away in your garage. This is according to a regulation stipulated by the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE).

The only exception whereby your motorbike can be left uninsured is when you notify the DVLA via a Statutory off Road Notice (SORN).

If you fail to acquire appropriate bike insurance, you risk incurring a fixed penalty fee of £100 in addition to your motorbike getting seized or crushed. In some instances, you could be charged with further court prosecution and be required to pay a fine of over £1000.

In order to save time and money, you should compare cheap motorbike insurance quotes that suit your budget. This article provides detailed information on the types of motorbike insurance available.

Motorbike Insurance UK Price Comparison

Types of Motorbike Insurance Cover

Whether you ride Sports, Classics, or Cruisers you can always Compare Cheap Motorbike Insurance Quotes to get the best that suits whatever it is that you ride.

Third-Party Only Motorbike Insurance

This is the least level of insurance that you can legally purchase. This insurance covers the cost of damage or injury to another person (third-party) alone. This motorbike insurance, however, does not provide cover for you in person.

Third-Party Fire and Theft Motorbike Insurance

Just like the third-party insurance, it covers the cost of damage or injury to another person. However, this bike insurance also covers for theft and damages done to your motorbike by fire.

Comprehensive Cover Motorbike Insurance

This is a complete level of insurance available to motorbike users. This motorbike insurance covers the cost of damages you incur. It also covers your motorbike even if you are at fault. And if a third party is involved it covers them too.

Fire and theft are also included in this Motorbike Insurance. So, if your motorbike is damaged by fire or stolen, the insurance would cover the cost. Normally, comprehensive motorbike insurance used to be very expensive but now you can get affordable covers when you compare Cheap Motorbike Insurance Quotes.

Compare Cheap Motorbike Insurance Quotes

The following tips would be beneficial in reducing your motorbike insurance quotes.

Security Devices

When you compare motorbike insurance, you will realize that the cost of the premium is lower when you install security devices on your bike. Insurance companies see this as a counter-measure, hence, reduce the cost of the cover.

Size of Engine

The bigger the size of your engine, the higher the cost. You should consider this when you get that Motorbike insurance. As they say, heavy is the head that wears the crown.

List of Motorcycle Clubs & Associations

BMF – The British Motorcyclists Federation is a very well respected and powerful lobbying group. It protects all of the UK’s motorcyclists from unnecessary interference by European, National, Local Government and anti-motorcycling campaign groups. The BMF is a member of many government advisory groups and also works in Europe to help British motorcyclists.

The BMF is also a fantastic community. Made up of individual members and motorcycle clubs, it provides support, advice and organises excellent events throughout the UK.

Get A Motorbike Insurance Quote

Policy Exclusions

Almost all motorbike insurance policies have key exclusions and they will be explained in your policy documents. Ensure that you thoroughly read your motorbike insurance policy documents to know what you’re not covered for before you choose your policy.


No Claims Bonus

This is a reward for people who do not make a claim on their motorbike insurance policy. This is not to be mistaken with a ‘no blame’ bonus (if it exists). This means that whether an accident is caused by you or not, you lose your no claim bonus when you make a claim.

Insurance Excess

An excess is the amount you’re liable to pay towards a claim. It could be compulsory or voluntary.

Compulsory excess is fixed by your motorbike insurance company. It is calculated based on the details you’ve provided your insurer with at the point of choosing a car insurance policy. It is normal to incur higher excesses when you are a young driver or with a high-value car. Cheap motorbike insurance quotes are, however, available for you to compare and choose from.

Voluntary excess is the amount you choose to pay towards the cost of a claim. It can help you reduce the price of your insurance. It is also paid on top of any compulsory excess you have.

We Compare


Here are some of the questions our customers frequently ask us. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I have a question about insurance that I have bought or a quote via mymoneycomparison.com. Who do I contact?
Please contact the car insurance provider direct, as they will be able to help you with your question. Visit their website to find the right telephone number or email address.
What are the different categories for use of a car?
Social, Domestic and Pleasure covers you for normal day-to-day driving, like shopping, family trips, holidays (but check whether it includes overseas holidays)
Commuting covers you for driving to and from a permanent place of work, or to and from a place that you park your car on the way to work.
Business Use allows you to use the car for your job, such as driving to meetings, between different work places, to conferences or training courses.
Commercial Travelling gives you cover if your job involves daily travel to clients and prospects to make sales, look after clients, etc – most usually relevant to sales people.
What are the differences between cover types?
Third Party Only covers a claim by third parties (not a claim by the insured).
Third Party Fire and Theft covers fire damage and theft of your car and claims by third parties.
Comprehensive insurance covers accidental damage to your car, fire damage and theft, and claims by third parties.
How can I tell if my car is an import?
Check the specification. A UK specification means that the car has been made specifically to UK specifications. A non-UK specification can be difficult to insure because parts for it may not be available in the UK. if your car is an imported car, then you will need to see our import car insurance page to get the right quote.
How can I keep my car insurance cost down?
It’s important that you get the right deal for you, which may not necessarily be the cheapest on the list. To help you decide which is the right quote for you use our compare button. This allows you to compare lots of key policy features for up to 4 of the insurance providers on your list. In addition, there are a number of things you can think about to keep the cost of car insurance down:

Downsizing your car to a lower-grouped one, or one with lower engine power.
Fitting an alarm, tracking device or immobiliser.
Parking your car in a secure place overnight – preferably a locked garage.
Only adding additional drivers who regularly use the car. You can always add on occasional drivers at a later date.
Increasing your voluntary excess (the part of the claim that you pay voluntarily). This will be added to any compulsory excess that applies to your policy.

Do you search all other financial and insurance products?
Mymoneycomparison.com also provides a service to search and compare Home Insurance, Van Insurance, Motorbike Insurance, Travel Insurance and Life Insurance and many specialist insurances. Our partner Seopa can also introduce you to providers for Pet, Health, Business and Breakdown Insurance. In addition, for Money products we provide a comparison service for Mortgages as well as Telecoms and Gas and Electricity.
What do I need to get started?
You need to gather together some basic information before you are ready to get a quote. We require details of each driver you want to insure. This will include some personal information, including details of any claims or convictions. We will also require the car registration number or make and model, and details of any modifications to the car. Please rest assured that all the information you provide is totally secure.
How do we get insurance products for you?
We have teamed up with Seopa who will ask you all about the information about you, your car and your drivers, and then we automatically search our car insurance providers to find the right deals. We then present all the quotes back to you, so you can compare car insurance quotes like-for-like and choose the policy that is right for you.
*51% of consumers who purchased Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd in August 2020 was quoted less than £132.84. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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