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Ice Cream Van Insurance


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A Guide to Ice Cream Van Insurance

We all know the ubiquitous ice cream van of summer. Who hasn’t enjoyed a sweet, creamy treat from the ice cream man? While summers are short in the UK, the ice cream van business is thriving!

Are you considering starting an ice cream van business? Or do you already have an ice cream van business and are looking for better insurance coverage? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our guide will help you learn more about this valuable type of business insurance, what to look for in a policy and more.

What Types of Risks Do Ice Cream Vans Face?

While driving an ice cream truck can be an enjoyable experience for you and your customers, things can also go wrong. As a business owner who provides food from a van, you will face specific types of risks. Understanding these is important in order to buy the right kind of insurance coverage. The typical risks of an ice cream van include:

  • Customers suing due to becoming ill from your products
  • Passengers/drivers in other vehicles involved in an accident for which you’re responsible
  • Damage and/or theft of equipment and stock
  • Vandalism or theft of your van
  • Traffic accidents while running your vehicle

This is not an exhaustive list of risks by any means. In order to protect your customers, you, your van and your business, it will be necessary to buy a specialized type of insurance coverage. You need to be ready for all types of eventualities—good and bad.

What Type of Insurance Do I Need for my Ice Cream Van Business?

You’ll need a specific type of coverage called ice cream van insurance.

What is Ice Cream Van Insurance?

Ice cream van insurance is a type of business coverage for companies or individuals who sell ice cream from a van or truck. This is specialized insurance that provides the level protection you need for you and your business.

According to UK law, you’re required to have the minimum amount of vehicle insurance, which is called third party insurance. This does type of coverage offers protection in case you’re involved in a road incident and are held responsible. If you have employees, you’re also legally required to buy employee liability insurance. Both types of insurance are required if you have a vehicle on the road and have employees.

Won’t my Regular Car or Van Insurance Work?

Insurance is can be confusing. Why not use your regular vehicle insurance to cover your ice cream business?

Because your regular car or van insurance will not provide the correct type or level of insurance you need. A regular vehicle policy does not cover the business equipment you’ll need to run your business. It also doesn’t cover vehicle modifications.

While it may be tempting to obtain a commercial vehicle policy to protect your van, this type of insurance may not cover the specifics for your type of business. Only ice cream van insurance is specialized to cover all aspects of your business.

Ice Cream Van Insurance UK Price Comparison

What Does Ice Cream Insurance Cover?

That’s a good question! There are basically three types of ice cream van insurance. Let’s take a look:

  • Public liability: protects you against litigation from third parties who may be injured, become ill, or suffer property damage, etc. while you run your business.
  • Product liability: while generally a safe food, people can become sick from ice cream if it’s not handled or stored correctly. Food poisoning is a real danger; some bacteria can live in dairy foods, including frozen ice cream. Product liability coverage protects you in case customers become ill from the ice cream you serve.
  • Third party: as noted earlier, this is the minimum legal requirement for anyone driving a vehicle on the road. This will protect other people in the event you’re responsible for an accident while operating your business. It does not offer protection for you, your business equipment or your vehicle.
  • Third party, theft & fire: this type of insurance coverage protects you from the above (third party litigation, etc.), as well as providing coverage for your van in case it’s stolen, or if the vehicle is damaged or destroyed by fire.
  • Comprehensive: the best coverage of all, it protects you and your business from all of the above and more. This coverage is just what it says—comprehensive.

Third party is the lowest amount of coverage you can have for your business. This is often the cheapest, and it can be tempting to invest in only this level of coverage. However, keep in mind all the risks you face with your business. What would happen if you van was damaged in an accident and you only had third party coverage? Could you afford to pay for repairs to your van or equipment? Would you be able to cover medical expenses from injuries sustained in an accident? Think very seriously about this.

While it’s more expensive, comprehensive coverage offers you the best protection. It covers all aspects of your business and protects you, the business equipment and your vehicle. In the long run, if you can afford it, comprehensive ice cream van insurance is the best investment you can make in you and your business.

Does Ice Cream Van Insurance Cover Others Who Drive the Van?

Here, you’ll need to be careful. Not all ice cream van policies offer this type of coverage. If this is important to you, then look for insurance companies who offer a policy that covers you and other named drivers.

Keep in mind this type of insurance policy will cost more, but if you’re not the only driver, you’ll want to be sure to purchase insurance coverage that includes other drivers.

Does Ice Cream Van Insurance Cover the Van’s Fittings?

Yes, most ice cream van insurance policies do cover the van’s fittings and fixtures. However, again, it will be necessary to make sure this is included in the policy. If these are not covered, then ask the insurance agent if there’s an optional extra you can buy as an add-on to your ice cream van insurance coverage.

Other Add-Ons to Ice Cream Van Insurance

You may also find these add-ons valuable in protecting you and your business:

  • Breakdown and recovery: if your van breaks down while you’re working, the insurance company will send assistance to get you back up and running.
  • Business interruption: if your business is interrupted for any reason, such as if you become ill, your van is being repaired, etc., then this policy add-on will pay your company expenses while it’s unable to operate. This type of coverage may also protect loss of stock, frozen food & legal expenses.

When shopping for ice cream van insurance, it’s a good idea to comparison shop. Look for insurers who offer the type of coverage you need and want for your business. Comparison shopping is also a great way to find the lowest premium for the coverage you need.

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