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Minibus Taxi Insurance is the business of driving taxis or managing a fleet of vehicles for transporting people is as stressful as it can be. It requires you to spend hours in traffic, relate with a myriad of different customers, and still adhere to policies and regulations. Staying safe on the road is not solely dependent on you. There are chances that you might run into a drunk driver, perhaps, an inexperienced one.

For this reason, the government mandates that you have a taxi insurance cover. It is only logical that you provide cheap insurance cover for any business you operate. This will ensure that you are not so affected in the event of an accident. A cheap taxi insurance cover will provide security for you, your passengers, your taxi, and other affected vehicles; depending on the insurance strategy you employ.

At Mymoneycomparison.com, we have a proven track record of working with taxi insurance specialists. We help you source for and compare cheap taxi insurance covers which suit your business needs. We also help you understand the different taxi insurance policies and guide you in taking the right decision for your business.

There are 2 different taxi insurance covers available for your business; private hire taxi insurance and public rental taxi insurance.

Minibus Taxi Insurance

Private hire cabs are not permitted to pick up passengers from the road. To patronize a private hire taxi, you must book an appointment beforehand. As a result of this, they do not show the conventional ‘cab’ sign and they can be mistaken for private cars. Because of the arrangement, insurance cover quotes for private hire taxis cover the driver, the cab, and the passengers.

Public Rental Taxi Insurance

Like private hire taxis, public rental taxis may also be pre-booked. However, unlike private hire cabs, they can stop to pick up passengers wherever they desire. Normally, public hire insurance taxi premiums do not cover the passenger. This is because there is often no record or means to know each and every passenger on board.

Whatever the case, your best bet is to ensure that you get the best deal when you want to compare insurance covers. There are many companies offering these services, and we are here to provide both cheap private hire quotes and affordable public hire insurance covers.

Coverage Attributes

Many minibus taxi insurance brokers will highlight the different cab insurance packages available to you. They include third-party insurance, third party fire, and theft insurance, and comprehensive insurance policy.

  • Third-Party Insurance This taxi insurance policy provides cover against any damage caused to other road users by you. This is the most basic form of insurance and we help to compare cheap insurance quotes on this online.
  • Third-Party, Fire & Theft Insurance This is the same as the insurance policy stated above. It, however, goes further to provide security in the event of a fire outbreak or theft.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – As the name implies, this provides comprehensive insurance for your taxi. Cheap taxi insurance quotes for this policy can be provided by getting a quote here.

Apart from helping you compare cheap cab insurance quotes online, we are here to give you tips on how to reduce the cost of your taxi insurance.

You can further enjoy cheap taxi insurance by;

Installing Vehicle Cameras

There is no substitute for comparing cheap minibus taxi insurance quotes online. This will, however, lower the cost of your taxi insurance premium and may also be used to back up any testimony in court. Video footage of the incident will be beneficial to both parties since it provides clear evidence of the guilty and innocent alike.


minibus taxi insurance

Windscreen and Glass Cover

If you do not take time to compare cheap insurance quotes, you might end up spending more money on this. It is among the costliest things and as the mileage increases, so does the propensity for damage.

Car Hire Cover and Vehicle Replacing

This is a fantastic add-on to get when you have successfully compared cheap taxi insurance online from us. To ensure that you don’t lose money, you will be provided with a replacement cab and your business will carry on like nothing happened.

Public Liability Insurance

This benefit comes with the cheap taxi insurance quote we provide. In an event where fatal injuries are sustained or damage is incurred, this will cover the costs of any legal expenses or claims made against you.

Adaptive Payments

We strive to help you compare cheap taxi insurance quotes. However, some of these covers might be unaffordable for some business owners. Some companies offer yearly, quarterly or monthly payments. You should decide on which payment plan offers the most flexibility and which provides the lowest cost.

Quick and Easy Claims Procedure

Generally, it is easier to get cheap quotes for cab insurance than it is to maintain the cover itself. Many businesses make this process as stressful and as difficult as it can be. When we help you compare taxi insurance quotes online, we put this in mind and only provide you with cheap taxi insurance covers which are easy to access.

24/7 Customer Service

Taxi drivers frequently unusual hours, so you would expect a 24/7 customer service.

Failure Help

When you get cheap taxi insurance quotes from us, failure support is another reasonable add-on. This will guard against being stuck by the roadside with a faulty cab.

We have come a long way. It is best to carefully review how we can help you compare cheap taxi insurance covers and choose the best option for your needs. We provide taxi insurance quotes online and our services are fast and reliable. You can benefit from this here.

Do you own a taxi fleet or taxi company? Then why not get a taxi fleet insurance quote: Taxi Fleet Insurance Quote


Helpful Links

National Taxi Association – Since 1960, this body has been helping to consult on all forms of taxi legislation in England and Wales.

National Private Hire Association – The NPHA is an organisation that provides useful support and help for cabbies everywhere.

Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association – A membership group for taxi drivers, the LTDA is also a support group for those that work in the trade.

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