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Breakdown Insurance Cover

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Breakdown Insurance UK Price Comparison
Breakdown Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Breakdown Insurance, Vehicles nowadays are more reliable than they used to be but we have all seen them at the side of the motorway, yes a broken down vehicle. It still happens even with the most expensive makes of car and the last thing you want is to be left stranded because your car has broken down. In the unfortunate event that your Car does breakdown you want to have the assurance that you are covered with Breakdown cover.

With the help of MyMoneyComparison.com and our partners, comparing Breakdown Cover will help you find the right policy to help give you the peace of mind if you do Breakdown. Simply enter your details and let MyMoneyComparison.com help you “Compare and Save the Easy Way!”

Breakdown Insurance UK Price Comparison

Breakdown Insurance FAQs

What is breakdown insurance?

Breakdown insurance, also known as breakdown cover, is a type of insurance policy that provides assistance and support if your vehicle breaks down. It is designed to help you get back on the road quickly and safely in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure, flat tire, battery problem, or any other issue that renders your vehicle immobile.


breakdown insurance

Here’s what you need to know about breakdown insurance in the UK:

  1. Roadside Assistance: The most basic level of breakdown cover typically includes roadside assistance, where a trained professional will come to your location and attempt to fix the problem. If they are unable to fix the issue at the roadside, they may arrange for your vehicle to be towed to a nearby garage for repairs.
  2. Vehicle Recovery: This feature provides additional assistance if your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside. It covers the transportation of your vehicle, yourself, and your passengers to a destination of your choice, such as your home or a nearby garage.
  3. Home Start: Home Start cover provides assistance if your vehicle fails to start or breaks down near your home. It ensures that help is available even if the breakdown occurs on your doorstep.
  4. Onward Travel: Onward Travel cover can include benefits such as a replacement vehicle, alternative transportation, or accommodations if your vehicle cannot be repaired immediately and you need to continue your journey.
  5. European or Worldwide Cover: If you plan to drive in Europe or travel internationally, you can choose a breakdown cover that extends beyond the UK, providing assistance and support while abroad.

Various providers, including automobile associations, insurance companies, and specialised breakdown service providers, offer breakdown insurance. The cost of breakdown cover can vary depending on the level of cover, the type of vehicle, and the additional features selected.

Having a breakdown cover can give you peace of mind, knowing that help is just a phone call away in case of a breakdown. It’s recommended to compare different providers and their coverage options to find the policy that best suits your needs and budget.

List of breakdown cover providers

Here is a list of some well-known breakdown cover providers in the UK:

  • The AA (Automobile Association)
  • RAC (Royal Automobile Club)
  • Green Flag
  • GEM Motoring Assist
  • RescueMyCar
  • Start Rescue
  • Britannia Rescue
  • AutoAid Breakdown
  • CoverMyBreakdown
  • Drive24-7
Is breakdown cover mandatory?

No, breakdown cover is not mandatory. It is not a legal requirement for drivers to have breakdown cover in order to operate a vehicle on the roads.

While it is not mandatory, having a breakdown cover can provide peace of mind and valuable assistance if your vehicle breaks down. It can help you avoid being stranded on the roadside and provide prompt assistance to get your vehicle repaired or recovered.

Breakdown cover is typically purchased as a separate insurance policy from various providers, including vehicle associations, insurance companies, and specialised breakdown service providers. It offers different levels of coverage and additional features based on your needs and budget.

Although it’s not legally required, many drivers choose to have breakdown cover due to the potential inconvenience and cost associated with vehicle breakdowns. It’s advisable to consider your individual circumstances, including the age and reliability of your vehicle, the frequency of your travels, and your ability to handle unexpected breakdowns, to determine whether breakdown cover is beneficial for you.

What isn't covered by breakdown cover?

While breakdown cover provides valuable assistance in various situations, it’s important to understand that certain events and circumstances may not be covered by standard breakdown policies. The specific exclusions can vary between providers and policy options, but here are some common situations that may not be covered:

  1. Routine Maintenance and Servicing: Breakdown cover typically does not cover routine maintenance, servicing, or repairs resulting from wear and tear. This includes items such as regular oil changes, brake pad replacements, or scheduled servicing.
  2. Pre-Existing Conditions: Breakdown cover may not cover issues or breakdowns that existed before you purchased the policy or if the vehicle was already in a state of disrepair or was known to have mechanical issues.
  3. Accidents and Collision Damage: Breakdown cover generally does not cover accidents or damage resulting from collisions. For accidents or collision-related incidents, you would typically need separate insurance coverage, such as comprehensive car insurance.
  4. Running out of Fuel or Incorrect Fuel: Some breakdown policies may not cover situations where you run out of fuel or if you mistakenly use the wrong type of fuel.
  5. Misuse or Negligence: If the breakdown is caused by your own misuse of the vehicle or negligence, such as improper maintenance, driving off-road, or using the vehicle for purposes not covered by the policy, it may not be covered.
  6. Vehicles Not Roadworthy or Insured: Breakdown cover generally does not cover vehicles that are not roadworthy or not properly insured. Ensuring your vehicle meets legal requirements and has the necessary insurance coverage is important.
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Breakdown Insurance UK Price Comparison

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