Compare Cheap Motorbike Insurance

If you own a Motorbike and ride it on a public highway then it is a legal requirement to have Motorbike Insurance. Motorbike Insurance comes in 3 levels of cover, Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party.These offer different levels of cover at different costs.

Third party. This is the most basic type of cover and the minimum legal requirement for Motorbike insurance. It covers any third party and the other vehicle and/or property, but it doesn’t cover damage to your own motorbike. If the accident was your fault, you will have to pay for your own repairs. If the other rider is at fault you will make a claim on their insurance policy.

Third party cover is usually taken by owners of older motorbikes whose value is less than the cost of any likely repairs. Newly qualified riders generally go for third party insurance because they often believe it will be the cheapest option. In fact, because insurers price for risk and claims statistics show that new riders are more likely to be involved in an accident than those with more experience, the cost of third-party cover has increased significantly in recent years. It can often be more expensive than more comprehensive policies.

Third party, fire and theft. Stepping up from third-party insurance, this type of policy adds cover for your motorbike if it is stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire, but it still won’t cover your own costs if the accident was your fault.

Fully comprehensive. Three-quarters of UK riders opt for fully comprehensive motorbike insurance. As the name implies, it covers pretty much everything, including you, your motorbike as well as that of the other party/parties. It will provide cover if your motorbike is stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire, you will also be fully insured to ride other motorbikes.

The level of cover varies between insurers, some policies might not include legal protection, breakdown or a courtesy motorbike. Adding these ‘perks’ onto the policy could easily add £50 to the premium quote. Scour the small print to ensure you don’t get caught out.

Bike owners in the United Kingdom also have specific options to choose from in the form of motorcycle insurance, scooter insurance, moped insurance, and adventure bike insurance. Based on the type of bike owned, the U.K consumer can opt for the best type of insurance.

Recent research study shows that around 32% of bike riders in the UK use a scooter for commuting. Choosing scooter insurance instead of motorcycle insurance can bring down the premium rates considerably. Scooter insurance premiums are lower than motorcycle insurance premiums as the cost of settling the claim is on average lower for scooters. This is mainly due to the fact that scooter comes with less complex parts. Motorcycles come with highly complex parts like multi-cylinder engines, and due to faster potential speeds can be involved in more life-threatening accidents.