Horse Insurance

Horse insurance is important whether you’re an owner or a rider, it is important that you and your horse are protected if the unexpected happens.

Should your horse become ill or suffer an accident, veterinary bills can become extortionately expensive even running into thousands of pounds. That’s why having horse insurance can be a financial savior should your horse become injured.

Feature and Benefits of Horse Insurance:

There are many features and benefits of having insurance to protect your horse, including public liability. Listed below are some of the most common offered by insurers:

Vet fees cover

Payouts for veterinary fees can vary, generally speaking they can cover you from £750 up to £5,000 per incident, and variable or higher excesses may be available to reduce your premium.

Loss of use

Permanent Incapacity (Loss of Use) cover is available at an extra cost and is invaluable if your horse can no longer perform the duties for which it was insured and you need to obtain a replacement.

Liability to third parties

Liability is essentially covers you should your horse cause damage or injury to a third party.

Disposal cover

In the unfortunate event of the death of your horse as a result of an accident, illness or disease, insurance can cover the total cost or provide a contribution towards an individual cremation.

Personal liability cover

This means if you get injured or unthinkably have a fatal riding accident you are covered financially

Death, theft or straying cover

The market value of the horse (or the sum insured whichever is the less). The cover often includes a contribution towards towards advertising to help recover your horse.

There are of course many other additional extras such as dental cover and stable cover which you can add to your policy, however this depends on individual circumstances and the policy that you choose.