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What’s Public Liability Insurance for taxi drivers and do I want it?

Oct 21, 2016 | Insurance

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Public liability insurance was created to give you their possessions, together with invaluable protection against injuries or any damage caused to third parties. You won’t generally see this type of cover included as part of your present taxi insurance policy, so it’s important to consider adding it on to ensure that you and your business are protected against any claims.
Many motorists are unaware that a passenger’s security and well-being is still their duty whilst the passenger is getting in and out of their vehicle.
This means you could be liable if the passenger gets injured or if any of their things get damaged. If you ever find yourself in the place where a passenger injures themselves or damages any of their belongings while entering or exiting your taxi,
FACT: Public liability insurance isn’t to be mistaken with Passenger Liability Insurance, which just insures the occupants of the vehicle while inside in the event of an accident or crash. Public liability insurance not only covers you for third party injuries where your standard policy doesn’t, but additionally, it allows you to help your passengers in entering and leaving the vehicle with their baggage, without having to worry about inadvertent damage.

Why do I want Cab Public Liability Insurance?
Without it, any public liability claims made against you could result in substantial costs for you or your business – and nobody needs that.
It’s important that all motorists consider taking out public liability insurance, no matter whether you work for private hire, public hire or even chauffeur service.
What kinds of Public Liability insurance are available?
Cover bundles can range in their amounts of protection. Dependent on what’s most suited to you, our policies can be taken out in two, one, three, six month or annual coverages.
The simple answer to that’s, everyone! If you drive a public or private hire vehicle, or you’re an executive vehicle being driven by a chauffeur, then Public Liability insurance is an add-on you should consider. Though not legally required, it’s still exceptionally advised that the policy is taken out by motorists.
If you are a chauffeur or taxi driver and want to work in conjunction with councils and schools, you could find yourself limited without Seopa’s public liability insurance.
Prices for public liability coverage are not substantially more expensive than the possible costs of defending yourself against a liability claim if uninsured. In most cases, your public liability policy can be added to your existing cab insurance policy for a modest premium – it’s that simple. Seopa, they’re able to supply you with exclusive rates depending on chauffeur driving experience or earlier taxi driving.
Many motorists are making the decision to add public liability insurance to their existing cab insurance plan. In the long run, an extensive public liability insurance policy will mean that you are protected if you’re not covered against potential claims – that is not much worse than running the risk of a huge payout.
Seopa’s associates give you exclusive quotes available for both private and public hire drivers and have decades of experience in cab insurance policies.

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