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Bodyshop Insurance

Bodyshop Insurance A Necessary Motor Trade Cover For Body Shop & Accident Repair Centres Who Repair A Range of Vehicle Body Issues

Bodyshop Insurance UK Price Comparison
Bodyshop Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Bodyshop Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Body shop repair work is a specialist’s job. When cars need bodywork, they’re brought to your business to be carefully repaired. But what happens if there’s an accident that creates more damage to the vehicle’s body?

No question owning a body shop carries risks. It means working with customers and their vehicles day in and day out. It may even be necessary for you to drive their vehicle to your premises in some cases. If you have an accident and don’t carry body shop insurance, an accident like this can cost your business thousands of pounds – this is only one example of why you need to carry body shop insurance.

In addition, it’s essential to protect your premises, tools, machines, and more. If you have employees, it’s also necessary to have employers’ insurance to protect them if they become ill or are injured on the job. A body shop insurance policy can fully protect you and your business.

Some Of The Motor Traders Which Can Be Covered:

What is Body Shop Insurance?

Body shop insurance is a motor trade insurance specifically for body shop owners. There are various types and levels of coverage available, so you can find a policy that fits your business. However, it’s also possible to create a customised policy that perfectly fits your body shop.

There are three levels of coverage available, including:

Third-party only: this policy covers injuries to third parties and damage to their property that results from operating your business. This is the minimum level of cover you must have by law. Third-party only does not cover any injuries you may have or damage to your vehicle(s).

Third-party, fire & theft: is a policy that covers everything above, plus covers fire damage or theft of your company vehicles. Third-party, fire & theft does not, however, cover your injuries or damage to your vehicle(s).

Comprehensive: is a policy that includes everything above and protects you and your vehicle(s). If you suffer an injury, the insurance pays for your medical costs. And if your vehicle(s) is damaged, then comprehensive cover pays to have it repaired or replaced.

Body Shop Insurance Can Cover:


Product Liability Insurance


Flexible Monthly Payments


24hr Claims Helpline


Motor Traders Policy For Over 25+


Accident Support / Replacement Vehicle


Material Damage Cover


Equipment & Premises


Combined or Road Risk Insurance


Comprehensive Cover

Bodyshop Insurance UK Price Comparison

Bodyshop Insurance FAQs

Different Types of Motor Traders Insurance Policy

Road risk insurance is the most common form of motor trade insurance. This insurance is suitable for companies and individuals who deal in buying, selling or repair of vehicles on a full-time or part-time basis. They can either operate from an office or from home. Having road risks cover on your motor traders insurance means you can drive your vehicles and any other vehicle for your assignments.

Third-Party Insurance is the minimum level of insurance required by law for drivers in the UK. It covers any damage to third-party property, liability for injury to others, and liability while towing a caravan or trailer.

Third-Party Fire and Theft insurance premium covers the basic third-party policy in addition to damage caused by fire, theft and any damage caused by crime.

Combined motor traders insurance is the most comprehensive form of insurance cover. It covers road risks in addition to liabilities and property damage.

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Retail Motor Trade Federation – The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) is the UK’s leading automotive trade body, representing franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers, independent garages, bodyshops, motorcycle dealers, petrol retailers, auction houses and cherished number plate dealers,

What’s Covered by Bodyshop Insurance?

Your shop is filled with expensive tools, machines, and vehicle parts. Think of your spraying booths, spray guns, and other equipment. What about cash on the premises? What would happen if all of this was destroyed? How would you cover the damage and start again?

With body shop insurance, you’ll have the means to start over. You can repair and/or replace everything your business needs to continue operations.

Body shop insurance policies do vary by provider; however, most insurers offer the following coverage:

  • Road risk & combined
  • Body shop equipment
  • Tools & portable tools
  • Driving customer cars
  • Split indemnity
  • Multiple drivers covered
  • Multi premises
  • Buildings & contents
  • Cover for vehicles
  • Employers’ and public liability insurance
  • No claims bonus protection
  • Claims & convictions

The key is to have the right coverage for your body shop business. Why take a risk on claims for faulty repairs, parts, or accidents? Could your business cover expenses out of pocket? Claims of this nature can be pretty costly, and may even put you out of business.

In addition to these policies, you may also want to consider purchasing a public liability insurance policy. Public liability protects members of the public who may be injured on your premises.

Another policy to consider is product liability. A product liability insurance policy covers you if a product is defective or was not properly installed. If an accident results and a customer files a claim, product liability covers the damage and medical costs caused by the product(s).

Do I Need Bodyshop Insurance?

Yes, if you run a body shop, drive customer vehicles, and have employees, you need body shop insurance. And don’t forget to consider liability insurance. For one thing, if you have one or more employees, you’re legally required to have employers’ liability coverage. Body shop insurance works for the following:

  • Body shop owners
  • Vehicle repair garages
  • Vehicle customization garages

Another coverage to consider is product liability insurance. This policy protects you and your business in case of a faulty product or the incorrect installation of a product.

The good news is that these policies may be included in most bodyshop insurance policies. However, it is possible some insurance providers may have these as separate policies that need to be purchased in addition to the regular bodyshop insurance.

Can Bodyshop Insurance Cover a Person Under 21 Years of Age?

No, most body shop insurance policies cover employees who are 21 years or older. However, road risk policies may not cover someone until they’re 23 years or older. For this reason, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid hiring anyone under 21 to work in the body shop.

What are the Benefits of Having Bodyshop Insurance?

Body shop insurance and other motor trade insurance policies make it possible for businesses in the motor trades to protect themselves and their customers from loss and damage.

Body shop insurance can protect all of the tools and machinery you have on-premises. It can also protect the parts you keep on hand. In addition, this coverage can protect your business from road risks, accidents, damage, faulty parts & incorrect installations, and so much more.

This coverage also works to cover multiple drivers and provides liability coverage. What’s more, many policies offer 24/7 claims service, so you know your claim will be solved quickly and efficiently no matter the time of day, even on weekends.

Is It Possible to Transfer my No-Claims Discount?

Yes, this may be possible if you have a claim-free record on a previous motor trade insurance policy.

Do I Need Public Liability Coverage?

Experts strongly recommend purchasing public liability coverage. This way, you’ll have coverage in case of an accident on premises or involving members of the public.

How Much Does Bodyshop Insurance Cost?

The answer depends on several variables. An insurance provider looks at several factors to determine the level of risk you present. They may review these factors:

  • Where the business is located
  • The number of vehicles your company works on
  • The type and value of vehicles you work on
  • Level of driving experience
  • Experience in the body shop repair and restoration business
  • Claims history
  • The type of equipment you use on the job
  • The value of portable hand tools
  • The value of the business premises

Each insurance provider offers its own body shop insurance policies. As you research policies, you’ll find that each one varies. In addition, different insurers may view you as a different level of risk. So, it pays to comparison shop to find a policy that fits your circumstances and your budget.

Comparison Shop for Body Shop Insurance Policies

One of the best ways to save on your body shop insurance policy is to comparison shop. It takes time to research different insurance providers and their policies, getting quotes, and more. But the effort is worth it if you can find a policy that’s a good fit and is affordable.

We’re here to make your job easier! On MyMoneyComparison.com, we’ve put together a team of experienced, knowledgeable insurance brokers who deal with body shop insurance. They can help you find the right policy at an affordable price.

All you have to do is fill out our simple form, hit “Enter,” and then wait a few minutes for the quotes to appear. You can then review each policy and quote, compare the policies, and find the best insurance for your business.

If you have any questions about the policies, we recommend contacting the insurance providers directly. They’re the best ones to answer your questions and ensure you get the right policy at the right price.

So, start comparison shopping today right on our site! It’s fast and easy to get your body shop insurance quotes today!

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