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The VW Microbus. The Bulli. The Campervan. The Kombi

Jul 10, 2018 | Insurance

the vw bus is back and its all electric wide image

Sci-Fi is about to Become Reality with Volkswagen’s Legendary Campervan

If you ask five people to define Volkswagen’s renowned campervan, The Bulli, The Campervan, The Kombi, The VW Microbus, and The Hippy Bus are possible sobriquets you might hear. For 70 years now, this machine has risen through the ranks and is now regarded as one of the most famous automobiles known to man.

Considering the level of success the campervan has achieved, the announcement made by Dr. Herbert Diess and Dr. Eckhard Scholz, the chairmen of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brands, that the VW Microbus would be reintroduced to the world in a new fashion shook the transportation world to its roots.

Yet, this change is hailed as an inevitable one, especially as plans are ongoing to reduce global warming and greenhouse emissions. According to the head of electric mobility at Volkswagen, Christian Senger, the initiative to electrify the VW Microbus is integral to the company’s future electric drive scheme. This is because of the heritage and what it represents, as well as the flexibility and freedom enjoyed by the teeming users.

We expect to see the vehicle launch in 2022 and the anticipated design will feature traits of the original campervan vehicle built on Volkswagen’s upcoming EV template. A truly functional machine built with finesse. Let’s also not forget that this vehicle will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100kph within 6 seconds. In addition, it can cover almost 1000km on one single battery charge.

The design will revolve around the battery and the electric drive and this means that it won’t consume as much space. The legendary “one box design” will also be achieved as the front and rear axles can be assembled far away from one another.

In addition to this, the driving position is designed to be very close to the windscreen, however, the safety isn’t compromised. This gives it that petite, compact appearance on the outside even though it boasts an extremely spacious interior.

If these do not excite you already, there’s more. Christian Senger made a statement affirming that the next generation of electric vehicles produced by Volkswagen will come fully updated and upgrades will be made available over the air. Also, advanced technologies like the AR-Head-Up display will be leveraged. Directions from the GPS system and other similar details will also be provided as a virtual image in front of the car.

Volkswagen is leaving no stone unturned in demonstrating the futuristic feature of this Microbus. For the Microbus to conveniently keep up with the pace of contemporary life, the powertrain is set to develop an astounding 374hp! This result is possibly due to the collaboration between Volkswagen’s e-mobility technical department stationed at Wolfsburg and the motorsport outfit based in Hannover.

With a fully electric powertrain, fancy pivoting seats, AR display, and interactive tablets for the passengers, the Microbus is almost a brand new entity. However, Senger reiterated that the aim is not just to imitate the Microbus, but to reinvent it!

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Find out more on this click here: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/vw-id-buzz-electric-campervan

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