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Energylinx has Been Acquired by GoCompare.com

Jul 4, 2018 | Energy

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Energylinx has Been Acquired by GoCompare.com Group PLC

The news permeating the air right now is that GoCompare.com, the Newport-based group has seized the opportunity to buy Energylinx for £10 million and they paid cash!

More about Energylinx

Energylinx is widely renowned as one of the leading energy comparison firms with a healthy business relationship which cuts across 69 domestic energy suppliers and 40 business energy suppliers. In addition to their fine reputation, they are also regarded as one of the most illustrious switching specialists in the UK.

It is believed that this acquisition will go a long way in strengthening Energylinx as a group. For instance, the reach of the partners will enjoy an uplift. Not only this, the company’s ability to provide clients with an unparalleled experience will be improved. This is typical of comparison companies, especially in the energy sector.

This purchase is coming off to be an ideal one in every sense of it. Firstly, Energylinx has already established a sterling reputation in the business and residential energy market. This reputation is as a result of years of pertinent experience gleaned in the industry.

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GoCompare is another firm with an already established position as a pacesetter, proving themselves worthy of all the accolades they receive. Their stand in the financial service industry coupled with their wealth of experience providing insurance comparison parallels that of Energylinx and this is expected to yield results soon enough.

It is expected that this acquisition will underpin the group’s strategy to further amplify its share of the energy switching market. It is also expected to even make the “Savings as a Service” model (the group’s attempt to exploit tech and product development strategies to make customers find even more suitable deals with less stress) better. This “Savings as a Service”, upon development, will even cause customers to be able to switch to their preferred service easier.

The CEO of GoCompare, Matthew Crummack, expressed his pleasure at the recently concluded acquisition. He acknowledged the fact that this is a landmark achievement which cannot be downplayed and he emphasized the fact that this is all in the interest of customers and partners.

He was also full of admiration and laudatory remarks for Energylinx. “Energylinx is a company with a stellar reputation in the energy supply industry and leveraging our strong brand, the advanced technological support, and product capabilities will help people save time and cost.”

Ken Geddes, who serves as the CEO of Energylinx, was reminiscent of the achievements of Energylinx in the past 15 years. In his words, “Even though the energy market has undergone several changes, we’ve come out stronger and provided our customers with more choice.”

The headquarters of Energylinx is in Alloa, Scotland and the team comprises over 40 staffs. Mr. Geddes who doubles as the founder and CEO will then join the group after this acquisition has been sealed.

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