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Tesco Angers Shoppers by Changing Terms & Conditions on Petrol Offer

Dec 3, 2019 | Other News

Tesco Angers Shoppers by Changing Terms & Conditions on Petrol Offer

Tesco shoppers had a surprise when they found the retailer had changed the petrol offer terms and conditions. The current deal offers 10p off every litre customers top up when they spend £60 in the store or online. A big spend can let customers enjoy reduced petrol prices.

This sounds like a good deal; so, what are customers angry about? The problem arose when customers noticed that Tesco has changed the terms and conditions without notification.

In the past, the retailer specified the petrol discount was applied to the total bill before offers and coupons were applied. Currently, according to the deal’s terms and conditions, customers still need to spend £60 online or in the store. The updated terms and conditions, however, specify the £60 threshold is after any other offers or discounts have been applied.

If you purchase £60 worth of items, then apply a £5 off coupon, it brings the total to £55. This total is then is no longer enough to be eligible for the petrol offer. To qualify for the petrol discount, then you’ll have to purchase additional items to reach the £60 total.

In other words, the problem is that you have to spend more to be eligible for the petrol discount. This is why customers are fuming.

According to Tesco, the change was made back in August; however, no notification was made to alert customers to the changes in the terms and conditions. And for some reason, customers are just now starting to notice the change.


Customer’s Reactions

Customers have made their feelings known across social media. Here are some of their comments:

One customer tweeted, “@Tesco I spent just over £60 and have used a voucher on my groceries today thinking I would receive a voucher for petrol.

“This did not happen!! I’m very cross that your ‘T&Cs’ have now changed as I used to get the vouchers before. In disgust I’m off to Sainsbury’s for my petrol!!”

Another customer commented, “So £60 is of a different value @Tesco??!! £62 total but because I used £10 voucher I didn’t spend £62 so no petrol discount? #bullsh*t”

A Tesco spokesperson said, “Our customers still receive their fuel coupons on a spend of £60 or more, once any other discounts and promotions have been taken into account.

“This change is included in the terms and conditions of the offer.”


Other Exclusions to Note

There are also some other exclusions to be aware of with this petrol deal. For instance, purchases at any café, tobacco kiosk, opticians, phone store, concessions, travel money or at the Tesco bank will not apply.

Other purchases which are excluded also include gift cards, e-top ups, savings stamps, postage stamps, 10p carrier bags, prescription medications and infant milk formulae.

Also be aware that once you’ve done the spend you’ll have two weeks to redeem the petrol discount coupon.


How to Save Money on Petrol Anytime

If you don’t happen to meet Tesco’s spend of £60, there are some other ways to save money on petrol without the retailer’s discount.

Buy gas at larger stations: larger stations buy larger amounts of fuel more often than smaller petrol stations. They also have petrol deliveries almost every day. As a result, they can change the price on fuel when the price drops. You’ll be able to take advantage of that price drop by purchasing petrol at the larger stations.

Big stations have better prices: because they pay wholesale prices to buy the petrol, they’re able to make better deals on petrol, which ends up as lower prices for their customers.

Comparison shop: use the website PetrolPrices.com to compare petrol prices in your area. You’ll also find a list of average prices in your area, which can save you from being ripped off by paying too much for your petrol.

These are a few ways you can save on petrol, even if you’re not able to take advantage of Tesco’s petrol discount under the retailer’s new terms and conditions.

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