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Is your broadband speed slow? want a faster speed?

Jun 23, 2019 | Broadband

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Is your broadband speed slow? want a faster speed?

Switching your broadband is SO easy, can save you a fortune AND give you a faster speed

many people are paying for broadband speeds they are NOT getting

It can cost £1 for every GB you go over your data allowance – do you know what you use? DON’T let complicated bundles and long contracts trap you into a bad deal

Need to know

  • Pick the right amount of data. You will be charged or have your account upgraded to the next tariff if you go over. To give you an idea 1GB= 1 movie or 16 hours surfing.
  • Unlimited packages don’t always do what they say on the tin.  Sky, Virgin, Plusnet, and BT and others are truly unlimited. The other networks can cap your usage during peak times or slow you down with ‘traffic management’
  • Slow internet can be really frustrating BUT don’t go for a package that offers super quick speeds (at the added expense) without first making sure you can get those speeds in your area. check your speed via a good broadband speed checker and see what you are currently getting.
  • Broadband providers have to demonstrate that the ‘up to’ speeds they advertise are received by ONLY 10% of those using the service
  • Providers use a technique called ‘dripping’ to draw you to the positive parts of the contract. BE SAVVY always know:

– The broadband price after the opening deal (eg. Free for 6 months)

– The line rental: many sites will advertise cheap or free internet without mentioning line rental which is normally around £15

– The length of the contract

– The installation costs

  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS if the provider increases the cost of your Broadband during the contract they must give 30 days notice, during these 30 days you will be able to leave your contract without any penalty
  • Many providers will charge you early termination fees if you want to leave your contract early. If you’re not satisfied with the service you’re receiving then you MUST complain. The provider may be able to alter your package or improve your service so that you don’t have to cancel and get stung for the cancellation fee

Say bye to buffering! Fibre optic broadband is the future

  • Standard internet travels along a copper wire. Fibre optic broadband travels along a fibre optic cable which has less resistance and so much faster speeds- up to 100Mb 
  • It is still around £10 a month more expensive than standard internet. For very heavy internet users or people willing to pay for speed, the general consensus is that it is worth the extra money
  • It will be gradually dropping in price as more providers start offering it
  • You don’t need extra equipment to receive fibre optic broadband but you do need to be in an area that has been cabled. Virgin, BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky and Talk Talk all offer fibre optic broadband with varying availability. You can find out whether you can receive fibre optic broadband and what the best deals available for you are on our own comparison checker.

Important information:

  • Patience will be needed. It can take 14 days plus to go from order to activation, especially if you live in a busy area
  • If you are getting a contract for a new home most providers will allow you to order (and pay) before you live there so you can plan your activation date to be around the same time as your move in date
  • At the end of your contract, you will still need to give a months notice to terminate the contract for most providers or you will end up paying an extra month. You will probably be offered incentives to stay with them but BE AWARE that this probably comes attached to another 12 or 18-month contract
  • You can monitor your usage and make sure you don’t go over your allowance., many providers will offer to send you emails when you are coming close to your allowance. There are also apps you can download like Speedtest that allows you to monitor your bandwidth
  • There are an increasing number of places you can get free Cloud Wifi including McDonald’s, Wetherspoons and even train stations
  • When it comes to customer service, do not assume that just because a call centre is based abroad it isn’t very good. This is not true. Madasafish has a call centre in South Africa but consistently scored highly for customer satisfaction. When calling a call centre, if you are concerned about call charges then go to SayNoTo0870 to get a cheaper landline number.

Compare broadband, TV and phone deals, check out the deals on in your area currently via our comparison and just enter your postcode – Compare my broadband service.

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