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Hiding license points might invalidate insurance policy

Jul 4, 2019 | Insurance

Driving Penalty Points Licence

Hiding license points might invalidate an insurance policy

The drivers who resist reporting the driving license points to their insurer might need to compare car insurance quotes as their insurance policy might get invalidated soon.

Due to the hike in insurance premiums, some car owners try to hide the addition in license points or any incident to their insurer. However, most of the motorists do not know that it is legally compulsive to report the insurance company about any change in car or license.

The drivers who try to withhold the previous accident information with them might risk out their claim as in event of any collision the insurance company will cross check your details and any hidden truth might result in invalidation of an insurance policy.

The insurance of the driver will become void and the driver without insurance cover might be charged for a criminal offence for disobeying new CIE ruling. So irrespective of expensive insurance quotes it is essential for the car drivers to inform the insurance companies about license points.

The driver savings might turn more expensive as when the insurer refuses the claim due to hiding information then the car owner will have to pay for the repair charges, legal fees and injury claims made against them.

The over smartness of the driver might, in turn, damage his driving record as he might get additional points on license. The idea of saving money by not reporting license points to the insurance company might, in turn, leave the driver in worse financial condition for the long run. Now the car owner whether comparing car insurance quotes might find it hard to get affordable insurance deal.

The car owner with points on the license can save on insurance by keeping good driving record and in the long run, you can avail good discounts due to your experienced driving irrespective of previous license points.

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