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Cold weather tips for cars and bikes

Mar 18, 2018 | Insurance


If you’ve enjoyed the Russian temperature plummet over the past week or so, then please explain to the majority how this has been possible for you, in the sub-zero winter world the UK has endured recently. For the rest of you who have shivered and had mass inconvenience to your commute, a little bit of a temperature rise would be received and appreciated as soon as possible!

For now though, naturally, there is an increased risk to driving, or riding, on icy roads. So if there is an increased risk of incidents on the road, why not take the time while you’re snowed in to review some of your insurance policies. You could be thanking yourself down the line! Here are some tips to consider.

For cars

Overall, it is fair to say that the Brits seem to be, by far, the least prepared country for any extreme weather conditions. Grit the roads? Not until it snows. Flood barriers? Not until it’s already rained. Beat the curve! Small changes can make a big difference for the cold.

  • Ensure you’ve got de-icer
  • Give your car time to warm before travelling (if you have time in the morning)
  • Don’t put too much stress on to your brake-pads while they’re cold.
  • Finally, as a worst-case-scenario, double check public transport. If they’re running, it may be worth ditching the car for one morning.

Keeping on the subject of preparation, make sure your insurance policy can also be ahead of the curve! Compare car insurance quotes and be prepared for any unexpected events, as the UK proves that we have no idea what exactly we need to prepare for!

For bikes

Cold and wet/icy weather can be a catalyst for bike corrosion. Small tasks as lubing your chain  or greasing the more exposed parts of your bike can help prevent premature corrosion from road salt and prevent moisture from reaching deep within your bike’s components.

  • Softening your suspension will provide you a more accurate ‘feel’ of the roads and will improve grip on potentially icy surfaces.
  • Cold weather will reduce the efficiency of your bike’s battery, ensure that you’re not left stranded with no power!
  • Taking risks in cold weather can have tremendous consequences to you and other road users, take the care a new rider would on the roads.


It’s difficult to say when the ‘Beast from the East’ will finally leave. It seems to be a weather condition that has not quite made up its mind as to whether it wishes to stay. During the periods it is cold, however, please take on board your surroundings and the safety suggestions of others. If it keeps you safer on the roads, it is worth reading!

As for your insurance, make sure to confirm that you are not voiding your policy without realising it. Read the small-print. See what your insurer’s track record is for claims in the cold. And if you’re not happy, compare car or motorbike insurers here!

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