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By modifying behavior UK Businesses could save £860m in energy

Oct 21, 2016 | Insurance

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Retail, making and government companies could save up to £860 million in energy if a “carbon psychology” approach is taken to enhance company energy management processes.
A report from Npower Business Solutions (NBS) revealed that effective behaviour change initiatives could find firms in the retail, administrative and manufacturing sectors procure a 50% share of a potential £860 million windfall.

The NBS report recommends that behaviour change – that is anticipated to account for 18 per cent of UK energy savings by 2020 – could be significantly improved if companies and the government put the right incentives in place.

It suggests that retail could create 20% in energy savings through behavior change platforms. Administration and support firms could reach beyond 11% in savings, while large manufacturers like Tata Steel could realise savings of just under 11%.

At an event marking the launching of the report NBS carbon psychologist Phil Griffiths said: “There’s a tremendous chance for larger companies here – and they do not even need to invest to make considerable savings. The advantages of behavioural change on the bottom line are not unclear. Energy efficiency improvements result in a more motivated work force, a positive impact on the united kingdom balance of payments and significant emissions reductions.

“Energy efficiency is the goal and the vehicle is energy direction. Modern day energy management comprises of three levers; people, process and technology, and in the UK we’ve got fantastic engineers which covers off the technology and optimisation, but there’s a need to develop.”
Griffiths noted that one firm managed to generate 19% in energy savings, 17% of which derived from behaviour change.

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