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Car Insurance Will Not Be Invalidated

Dec 10, 2020 | Insurance

car insurance invalid

Car Insurance Will Not Be Invalidated Driving During Lockdown

In recent months, there have been rumors that car insurance companies would invalidate the vehicle insurance of policyholders driving their cars during the coronavirus lockdown. However, these rumors are now refuted as untrue.

Insurers are reassuring policyholders that they will continue coverage for drivers during the second shutdown, which includes non-essential travel, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Their reassurance came a few days after insurance experts said those vehicle insurance policies would be axed if the driver broke lockdown restrictions.

While ABI has recommended that drivers follow the restrictions, they went on to say policyholders would not lose their insurance for driving their vehicle. “During the lockdown, the Government has advised against all but essential travel.

“Motor insurers continue to cover those using their vehicle for commuting to work and NHS volunteering without you having to first tell them.

“You should follow Government restrictions, but if you do use your car for non-essential travel, you will not risk invalidating your car insurance.”

Insurance Providers to Offer Enhanced Support

In March, the ABI told drivers that insurance companies would offer enhanced support due to the pandemic. At that time, the ABI said drivers would not need to update their policies because of a change in circumstances caused by the pandemic.

In fact, the ABI said that coverage would not be invalidated if vehicle owners used their cars for a wide variety of purposes. These include commuting to and from work, supporting local communities, and essential workers during the pandemic.

A spokesman from Confused.com said, “While the government has advised against non-essential journeys in England, people do still need to use their cars for commuting to work or other essential trips.

“However, there are some reports that doing this could invalidate car insurance policies if a claim is made.

“Which is both confusing and worrying for drivers who may need to use their car.”

The spokesman went on to say that this was simply not the case. Again, they reiterated that people should follow government guidelines and avoid all non-essential journeys. However, they also said that ABI has confirmed that those who use their cars for non-essential travel will not have their insurance invalidated.

The ABI also said that insurance providers may offer a range of extra features to help drivers dealing with the pandemic. They said drivers who are self-isolating may be able to add another person or family member to their insurance policies, which would allow them to drive the vehicle.

ABI also said that insurers will be pragmatic and not penalize drivers for something which was out of their control.

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