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Does sourcing renewables mean lower energy bills?

Apr 30, 2018 | Energy


Do companies sourcing renewables mean lower energy bills for customers?

The last 12 months have seen a drop of 3% in UK greenhouse emissions, with renewables like wind power and solar becoming more commonplace in how the UK’s energy is sourced. However, the question on the lips of many consumers is whether increasing renewable energy production will reduce the utilities bills of average households.

The argument is that perhaps the reduction in pollution, and renewable energy being produced, either free of charge or at a less expensive rate than the production of fossil fuels. Not only this, but there are now energy providers that market themselves on the basis that their energy is sourced, for the most part, renewably. So will this correlate to cheaper energy bills?

Energy Comparison

Out of the 3% greenhouse emission, it wasn’t business or transport pollution figures that saw the decrease. It was the energy sector that saw the notable drop in emissions, with an 8% decrease! Therefore, if it is the energy sector that is boasting the lower emissions, should energy customers see a difference too?

By investing in renewables, prices are coming down somewhat, and there are energy firms that are utilising on this. With a huge number of energy insurance firms online to compare, it is now simpler than ever before for customers to find the more ethical of energy providers, and reap the financial savings that come as a result.

The ‘Big Six’ can no longer be relied upon

Even if you are to go back further than the recent ‘renewable shift’, to a time where the main focus was customer satisfaction and not sustainable sourcing, the six largest energy suppliers were still bottom of the list for satisfaction in 2015!

This is symbolic of the changes of the times. Reputation was once the single largest factor for energy suppliers to retain customers. Not just this, but also the fears of an arduous and time-consuming process, should a customer have wished to change providers, meant that the masses were happy staying where they were.

With the internet providing a platform to review almost experience you have, in any aspect of your life, it has now become significantly more difficult for any business to hide any poor customer service, for example. There is now a platform where each personal experience of a customer can be put down to a review, or a rating, and this in turn has resulted in a need for those who provide your services to pull their socks up!

Worth the hassle?

If you are holding yourself back from even looking at changing providers, and this is either down to the idea that you don’t have time or through a slightly thwarted loyalty to a specific provider – then ask yourself why. The business in question is never there to retain you personally, only ever your custom. Because of this,  there are always going to be other businesses bidding for that custom, and they may see you as a much more valuable customer than your current provider, and you could be reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

Wouldn’t you like to be treated better, and not pay as much next month, and be smug about where your energy is sourced?

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