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How is Everyone Using Their Lockdown Time?

Jun 8, 2020 | Home Improvements, Other News

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How is Everyone Using Their Lockdown Time?

What have you done to stay busy during the lockdown? Have you considered doing some home improvement work on your home? You may be surprised to learn that others have taken advantage of this time to begin working on their homes.


Study Results by Aviva

Aviva conducted a study that has offered a look into what people are doing lockdown. The study reviewed various aspects of relationships, home improvement projects, and more.

For the study, Aviva interviewed over 2,000 UK residents in May 2020, which would have been about 6 weeks into the lockdown. The study questions asked about participants’ current behaviours and future goals, etc.


Research Results on Home Improvements

According to the study, about 85% of UK residents have done some type of home improvement work during the lockdown. The top job was decluttering, which was done by over half of the participants.

Next, gardening came in second, with about 52% of UK residents testing out their green fingers, while 26% used the time for home decorating.


Homeownership Goals Have Changed

Back in December 2019, Aviva conducted research that showed 68% of non-homeowners wanted to buy a property at some point in the future. However, during the pandemic, this number has fallen to 52% of non-homeowners.

In addition, the number of households looking to move into a larger property also fell from 10% to 8%. These results seem to imply that the current housing market is making people rethink or put their plans on hold.


Online Service Use Has Changed

The Aviva study also showed that lockdown has increased the way people are using online services and video technology. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, about 30% of UK residents 55 years and older used video calls. Now, this number has risen to 38% of people at this age.

In addition, online grocery shopping has also increased within this age group. Before the pandemic, about 36% of people 55 and over did purchased their groceries online. However, during the pandemic, the number has increased to 38%. At one point during the lockdown, this number was 46%; the drop off could be due to people having a hard time finding open delivery slots.

Devices that can use the Internet also increased in number due to the lockdown. In December 2019, the number of Internet-enabled devices as 10.3, and in May 2020, the number had increased to 11.6.

On the other hand, the number of people shopping for clothing online has dropped. Only about 29% of UK residents have shopped for clothes online during the lockdown when normally about 69% of people do their clothes shopping online.

Takeaway orders have been about half the normal number—falling from 50% to 27%. Appointment bookings for health and restaurant visits have also fallen quite a bit from 50% to 10%.


Summing It Up

Gareth Hemming, MD for Personal Lines, Aviva General Insurance has said that the impacts of the lockdown have had far-reaching effects on most aspects of our lives. Most of these effects have been for the better, such as people improving their homes, using new technologies, working remotely and more. However, the study has shown that people are wanting some time for themselves and additional personal space.

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