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Home Conveyancing – Only 28% feel informed!

Apr 29, 2018 | Home Buying

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Home Conveyancing customers – Only 28% feel informed, are you one? Or are you part of the 55% frustrated by a lack of communication?

Some of the most interesting factors in the technological age are the transitions that have been seen across all sectors, and especially towards customer communication and service. Nowadays, if the website you are trying to access doesn’t already have a mobile-friendly version of their site, then you begin to question whether they have really managed to keep up with the times.

It has become the expectation for businesses to have adaptable, accessible websites, and a much more transparent approach to customers. It is expected that they have some form of instant communication – usually a ‘live chat’ function, and it is expected that the ‘smoke and mirrors’ behind how businesses implement their services to customers has arguably now been removed.

Despite this, a recent study suggests that when it comes to home conveyancing, the industry seems to be somewhat dragging their heels against counterparts from other sectors, meaning that a little over 1 in 4 customers are actually aware of how conveyancing works. So what can be done?

It used to be who you know

For most customers, the purchase or mortgaging of a home will be one of, if not the, biggest single purchase of their lives. It is arguably the longest financial commitment an individual will make (if you ignore the 30 commitment that now comes with student loan payments), and yet the vast majority of customers do not feel that they have a full understanding of the conveyancing process.

Once upon a time, the recommendation from an estate agent would usually be a key influence of who you should choose for your home conveyancing services. Now however, it has become the norm for customers to search home conveyancing quotes online, as instant information and quick comparison of quotes is both the most time, and cost, effective way to find the best firm for you.

Power shift

It’s the digital age, and has certainly now become a customer’s market. The advent of surfing the web for services means that there is a larger variety of options than ever before, along with instantaneous statistics of whether another provider/insurer/business is cheaper for you as the customer.

This increased market competition is slowly driving prices down, whilst also catalysing a need to adapt and innovate for bigger firms, as they can no longer rely on their reputation alone to retain custom. Home conveyancing is no different in this.

Efficiency cannot be argued with

Traditional communication methods are no longer suitable. Finding the time for a f2f meet, or organising time for a detailed phone conversation both pale in comparison to the speed of digital communications. Paperless contracts, email updates, an IM service – all three are simple and quite typical of most businesses and will make the conveyancing process more informative and fulfilling for the customer. Even signatures can now be completed electronically.

Therefore, unfortunately, it is no longer acceptable for conveyancing firms to keep customers in the dark, or to have tenuous communication methods, leaving the customer waiting and in constant need of further information. Time to simplify the home-buying process!

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