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What are the different conservatory styles?

May 8, 2019 | Home Improvements

conservatory styles

Conservatories are a fantastic way for homeowners to extend their home and benefit from extra light and space throughout the year. But with a range of styles and designs, which conservatory is right for your home?

This will all depend on how large you want the installation, how much space you have for the conservatory and the type of home you live in. Conservatories are a substantial investment, so ensure you use a reputable trade professional and compare quotes to get the best price available.

If necessary, planning permission and Building Regulations will need to be applied for and approved, which can all be taken care of by the professional.

Look at the benefits and drawbacks of the UK’s most popular conservatories below and decide which style would suit your home best, from Edwardian, Victorian, lean-to and gable front.

Edwardian conservatories

One of the country’s favourite, the Edwardian conservatory is extremely popular because it possesses a similar look and feel to other rooms in the home.

Square fronted corners offer the conservatory plenty of space for furniture and with an elegant aesthetic appeal and strong bold lines; it has taken number one spot from its closest rivals.

Because of the visual, modern appeal, the Edwardian conservatory can be used for a variety of reasons, such as a dining room, playroom or garden room. It could even just be used for extra living space and doesn’t necessarily need to fit a particular purpose. This flexibility is what stands out as a major advantage in the conservatory market.

The conservatory roof of Edwardian styles can also be specifically adjusted to suit any property. You’re not limited to what can or can’t be achieved, even with height restrictions such as a bungalow.

Victorian conservatories

For a more rounded style with excellent versatility, the Victorian conservatory is preferred. This design gives homeowners a lot more choice, with the opportunity to pick how many facets you want, whilst choosing equal sided or a wide fronted style.

The popularity of Victorian conservatories is the ability to have them manufactured to your exact specifications, giving the homeowner complete control of their investment. Everything can be specified beforehand, whether it’s the position of the conservatory’s doors or the frame colour.

The Victorian conservatory style gives homeowners an opportunity to complement the property whilst making use of garden space which would otherwise be wasted.

Lean-to conservatories

The lean-to conservatory is often the preferred option for smaller properties such as bungalows. This style normally has an angled flat roof leaning against your home.

Otherwise referred to as a Mediterranean conservatory or sunroom, the lean-to is a lot cheaper than alternative styles.

Whilst it doesn’t hold the elegant and sophisticated appeal of Edwardian or Victorian installations, the simple design allows homeowners to maximise their property’s space potential and is great for those with little garden space for an extension.

The lean-to benefits from fantastic flexibility and the roof pitch can be adjusted depending on your requirements. The variety of colours available also gives homeowners a great level of choice and compatible doors include French, patio and bi-folding.

Gable front conservatories

Remodelled from the Edwardian style, the Gable front design offers stunning visual appeal and fantastic height and space. Homeowners tend to opt for the gable front to create both a fantastic external and internal aesthetic look

The gable front design is an installation with a classic, spacious feel. The extra space inside the property is just one of the benefits, as the style transforms any garden with a smooth and shiny exterior.

Gable fronts also have fantastic flexibility, which can be adjusted to suit any home. Even properties with height restrictions would benefit from the gable extension. Installation can add over £9,000 to your property’s value, whilst providing the extra space to cater for a growing family.

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