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Electric Vans for Couriers – a Great Idea

Jun 30, 2020 | Insurance

electric vehicles

Electric Vans for Couriers – a Great Idea

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity across the planet. The reason? Because vehicles that run combustion engines are ruining the planet – they are one of the causes of global warmer. In addition, they contribute to air pollution, which has a drastic effect on people’s health. And we can’t leave out the noise pollution they cause.

Electric vehicles seem to be a better option. They can run on renewable energy, rather than fossil fuels, and they’re better for our health and the planet. And we must add they’re also much quieter than vehicles running combustion engines.

Electric Vans for Courier Companies – Would It Work? 

There are some issues that have made it challenging to change over to electric vans:

1). Where to charge electric vans: while the number of charging points is increasing, they’re still relatively hard to find. And it’s not always easy on the household budget to install a charge station at home.

2). Distance: electric cars, for the most part, are unable to travel for longer distances; however, delivery and courier services may benefit from the change over to electric vehicles.

The reason is that courier service providers run a fleet of vehicles in specific locations. With accurate logistics and investing in their own charging points, courier services could be better placed to take advantage of what for most everyone else isn’t practical when it comes to using electric vehicles.



Some Courier Services are Using Electric Vans

Some courier services have already included some electric vans in their fleets. For instance, DPD has ordered about 100 electric vans to their fleet.

DPD’s new electric vehicles are a little different, for they are order vans that weight in at 3.5 tonnes. These are pretty large electric vehicles, but DPD has said they will travel up to 70 miles before they need to recharge.

dpd electric vans


The Future of Electric Vehicles

More and more companies will make the change to electric vehicles. Not only will they look to help the planet, but these companies are looking to elevate their brand as a result. What could be better than a company that is environmentally friendly? This is a great way to attract and maintain a stable customer base, as most of us are looking for safer, cleaner types of energy.

Not only that, but most businesses in the future may also be required to own electric vehicles. Many governments are planning to make combustion engines illegal in the near future.


Check out the 2020 top electric van makes and models: https://www.drivingelectric.com/news/622/new-electric-vans-2020-and-beyond

Everything you need to know about electric vans before buying one: https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/advice/electric-van-guide


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