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5.2 Million new Netflix subscribers!

Jul 22, 2017 | Mobile Phones

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5.2 Million new Netflix subscribers in the second quarter, apparently House of Cards has some new fans!

In a letter to its shareholders, Netflix is expecting its first full-year profits in the overseas market this year, and has already smashed predictions on Wall Street in the second quarter of the business year. According to Lisa Richwine and Aishwarya Venugopal of The Independent, in what is typically the slowest quarter of the year for the streaming giant, the spike in membership this year could be down to the release of the new ‘House of Cards’ season and the release ’13 Reasons Why’. What I wonder is, how many factors outside of Netflix’s marketing have influenced this mass subscriptions outside of the US?

A couple of weeks ago I went into my local 3 store to upgrade my mobile phone, or at least to see what options were available to me now that my contract had come to an end. I managed to get a new phone for much less than I was paying for my previous, but the thing that interested me the most in the store was their most recent promotion. The ‘Go Binge’ promotion aims at the data consumption of your mobile device, and has now made some apps exempt from the standard data you use in your plan. The applications that were in this list were to stream the TV channels ‘Dave’, ‘History’ and ‘tvplayer’, along with the music streaming services Soundcloud and Deezer. The last, and most significant in my opinion, was Netflix. Unfortunately the days of unlimited data being an option in mobile data plans have gone, network providers now realise how much profit can be made by restricting the amount of data a customer is entitled to in their mobile data plan. I remember having my iPhone 4S plan with unlimited data, and I used to watch Netflix every single time I was on the bus! But once I got my next phone, the iPhone 6, there was no option for unlimited data and I was then restricted to 2GB. From there, the Netflix app has never once been used while I’m away from wifi, so no more watching tv shows on the bus. Woe is me. Now though, I have the ‘Go Binge’ perk, and my Netflix subscription can now be enjoyed without eating in to my data allowance at all.

The ‘Go Binge’ deal was great for me as a Netflix customer, but if I wasn’t already a customer and saw 3’s deal then I would certainly consider signing up. I guarantee I’m not the only one with that mindset, and this is just one minor aspect to consider. This deal coincides with the increased subscriptions but this could be chance, but maybe other media streaming services should take note – if their services could be used without draining a customer’s mobile data, maybe more people would subscribe. We’ll have to see what’s in the next episode…

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