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Best Tips on How to Get Cheaper Motor Insurance

Jul 8, 2018 | Insurance

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Best Tips on How to Get Cheaper Motor Insurance

Here’s something not many people know- seemingly unimportant details such as your job description, your marital status, and even where you park affects the amount you pay for motor insurance. Why is this? The answer is simple. Insurance is much more advanced than before and now, sophisticated computer programs are being used to calculate premiums. These programs leverage the answers you give to the questions asked and this might cause your premium to go higher or lower.

Thankfully, a couple of people shared their experience about the answers they provided and how it caused them to get a reduced premium. Some of these examples arouse suspicion as they are utterly incredulous and it is advisable not to take the answers as legal/financial advice.

Also, you should note that lying to your insurance provider in order to get a lower premium is a sin which carries grave consequences. Doing this can cause your insurance policy to become invalid and the amount you’ll eventually spend will outweigh the savings you achieved.

Keeping all these in mind, here’s a list of things which got people to lower premiums.

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One of the members of the group claimed that she got her premium reduced by £80 when she got married and had her marital status changed. Yet, someone else asserted that ‘co-habiting’ is the best relationship status for a reduced insurance premium. According to her, this is closely followed by being married, and finally, single.

Job descriptions also play a major role when it comes to insurance policies. For example, someone who manages a charity claimed that when he filled in ‘Manager’ as his position, his premium was £50 compared to when he filled in ‘Charity worker’. This wasn’t a problem for him as both positions are technically correct.

Parking in the garage or on your drive? Naturally, you’ll believe that parking your vehicle in a garage is the safer option and it should bring reduced premiums, however, Uswitch doesn’t agree with your position on this matter. The switching website claims that parking a car in the garage comes with the risk of scratching the paintwork, hence, parking on the drive is cheaper.

If you do not commute to work by car, kindly remove the option when you’re providing your insurer with your details. This will definitely save you some money. However, if you do, do not make the mistake of removing it. This is because if you get into an accident in the process of journeying to work, damages wouldn’t be covered.

One tip which is also very effective is to provide details of your mileage if yours is relatively low. For example, a driver who covers less than 6000 miles yearly will benefit from the black box policy.

One more thing, if you renew or switch your insurance within 21 days before it is due, you get immense savings. The average savings using this tip is about £349! Also, do not forget to pay annually if you can afford it.

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