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Had your car insurance claim rejected when you weren’t to fault?

Sep 28, 2017 | Insurance

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Had your car insurance claim rejected when you weren’t to fault? You’re not the only one, and these are the reasons why…

You pay your car insurance premiums firstly because it is the law to do so, but secondly so that if the worst happens and your vehicle requires repairing, then you don’t have to worry about the cost of said repair. Now in an ideal world then this would be the case, but unfortunately the reality is that sometimes your insurance claim will be rejected despite you not being in the wrong. This can happen for a number of reasons, but according to Burton Mail there are ‘simple’ mistakes you can make that will lead to a rejection. After all, insurance companies are businesses, so it is only economical for them to not pay out their customer claims unless they absolutely have to.

The list, which is compiled of the simplest things, like driving in flip flops or high heels, to the ones you wouldn’t even think about, like having things hanging from your rear view mirror. According to the news outlet, their report showed that many drivers were unaware that their insurance would be nullified because of a set of furry dice! It also said that a quarter of drivers had admitted to wearing the incorrect footwear for driving, again making their insurance claim invalid. Others include putting off the need for vehicle maintenance, forgetting to renew your tax or forgetting to inform your insurers of a new job, underestimating the amount of miles you cover daily, allowing pets to roam freely in the car, and lending a car to friends or relatives. Next to wearing flip flops or heels is leaving your car unlocked. I cannot believe that this lands second in the list when we live in a world of automated locking, auto locking and other safety features implemented in modern cars. I always thought leaving your car unlocked was a problem from the past! These all seem like small things to invalidate claims – but they do, and dance to the tune of £114 million a year in rejected claims!

Granted, I did say that the above list seems to include relatively small misdemeanors, that is not to say that they are the law for a reason. I without a doubt understand the risks involved in obstructing your windscreen, allowing your dog to climb all over you, wearing shoes that do not provide you with adequate grip and secureness to the pedals. Others, however, are just unfortunate for the driver. Things like forgetting to contact your insurer to inform them of you getting a new job can always just be a slip of the mind, forgetting to renew your tax could also fall under this bracket. Underestimating the mileage you cover in a day can be one of two things. And the fact that one of those two things is somebody trying to work the system for a better deal is the reason that there is no flexibility on this. Ultimately these things are the responsibility of the driver, so be vigilant. Make sure that if and when the time comes, that your claim is airtight and valid. Because if you are not to fault in your incident, you deserve to not have to worry about the cost of rectifying the problem. Assurance of insurance!

If your car insurance is up for renewal then we would always recommend to compare providers to find the best deal for you.  Insurance companies rely on you in accepting the renewal quote but the reality is that most consumers find a better deal if they compare quotes. Thats where MyMoneyComparison can help. We can help you compare Insurance quotes so you can assess the cost of your renewal against other providers.

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