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Goodbye to Car showrooms?

Nov 15, 2017 | Insurance

Motor Trade

Goodbye to car showrooms? Customers can now buy cars online

In line with most other aspects of market and business, customers in the UK are now able to view, modify spec, choose colour, and even have a delivery service for their new vehicle. Meaning, purchasing a car can now be added to the list of things one can do without getting up from the sofa! Many argue that this is just one part of a mass of improving interconnectivity, with the goal of streamlining the journey from producer to consumer, and why not? It can only up revenue for businesses, and reduce time and process for the customer. Thinking bigger, this could also make B2B transactions regarding company cars a simpler process too, and must ease the work of those in the car-selling trade…

Convenience for Mitsubishi customers

So far, it is only Mitsubishi UK that have made the jump to an online platform for sales. Irrespective of who made the first move, it would be very surprising if other car manufacturers don’t follow suit. Just think about the potential applications for a simplistic platform.

The company will now have a finger on the pulse of the public, so to speak, in that by providing the option for customers to change the appearance and spec of their vehicle, Mitsubishi will be able to monitor trends and changes in consumer practices. They will also be able to see how many customers view their motors, but still chose to shop elsewhere. Finally, this platform is something that can run in conjunction with showrooms already out there.

Managing Director of Mitsubishi  Motors UK, Lance Bradley, stated: “Consumers are increasingly looking to the internet to complete all kinds of purchases and while the vast majority of car buyers enjoy the experience of a traditional showroom environment, there is a marked growth in those that desire the convenience of an internet transaction when considering their new car.”

A statement that cannot really argued with, this may be the transition also made by other manufacturers in time.

For the many

In 2017, there is no reason that the ‘big players’ of car sales will have exclusive access to platforms like that of Miitsubishi. For many, buying used cars is majority an online practice anyway, and there are showrooms that will send a video of a customer’s chosen vehicle at their request, but in reality a dedicated platform could aid those who perhaps cannot afford a large showroom for their stock.

For owners of motor trade business, stocking and storing your vehicles could be as simple as comparing motor trade insurance online! With an online platform being the basis of a business, a customer need not physically see a car in a showroom, meaning that storage of vehicles could be in more remote locations, in storage that is practical – but in no way a showroom in the conventional sense. Let’s hope motor businesses nationwide get into gear.

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