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Caravan owners denied insurance discounts for towing courses

May 2, 2018 | Insurance

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Caravanning is still seen as an iconically British pastime. As with any hobby or interest, there are always those who push things to the extreme, focussing their entire life around said interest. But for the most part, the UK is full of optimistic domestic holiday-makers! Your caravan is either sat on a campsite awaiting your use, or it is on your driveway, or a lockup. Either way, it is not the centre-focus of your life, but you love your home-away-from-home on wheels.

Naturally some of the magic is lost when you have to sit down and arrange your caravan insurance.

But at least discounts are offered if you take a course to certify your competency – or so you would think. There are those now taking to the forums as insurance premiums are on the up, and discounts are being denied, even to those who drive HGVs for a living…

New caravan owner?

For those who have recently bought their first caravan, or are still new to the caravanning world, then please do not get deterred from taking any towing courses. In a Practical Caravan forum, one user explained why:

“A Club towing course is good value whatever licence you hold as it covers a wealth of useful information and isn’t just about towing.

I doubt HGV licence test covers extracting your unit from muddy fields, best way to level to ensure the brake mechanism works to its best etc. The discounts will obviously come in useful but I’d recommend anyone new to caravanning to take one.”

 The concern of discounts not being applied is not there to stop new caravan owners from taking these courses, it comes down to a frustration of those feeling they are entitled to it, and are being denied.

What are the reasons?

According the same forum, there have been a variety of reasons. One user states that they have been a bus driver for over 40 years and had been denied. Another says that their insurer told them that they were already they recipient of the maximum discount allowance, to which the customer could not understand where they had previously been discounted.

Whatever the reason, there seems to be a pattern emerging with caravan users being denied the “towing course discount” and the Practical Caravan site isn’t the only one with disgruntled forum members. For those unsure, compare caravan insurance online to ensure that you are being provided with the most comprehensive and cost-efficient insurance quotes.

Aren’t caravan holidays supposed to be the cheaper alternative?

Fear not! You are right to think they are still a fantastic alternative for holidays! Once you have your caravan insured and ready, aside from site fees you need only the costs of provisions for your break away. Not only this, but you rest each evening in your own property, kitted out as minimal or luxurious as you would like. Take it from anybody who owns one, your caravan will one day be some of the best memories you look back on.

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