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Free Vigin Media Broadband Upgrade

Virgin Media is about to make about a million broadband customers happy with a free upgrade to one of the company’s ultrafast broadband packages.

Their broadband customers can expect an average 108Mb broadband speed with the upgrade. This is more than double the average speed for broadband in the UK.

The company says the upgrade in service will lead to all-day downloads. Instead, customers can expect a came such as Fortnite to download in under 45 minutes. A 5GB HD movie will only take just over 7 minutes.

The upgrade is completely free, which is good news coming just after the holiday run. Annie Brooks, the company’s Executive Director of Connectivity says that Virgin’s intention to “banish buffering and let our customers live without limits so that they can do everything they want online, at the same time, without delay.”

What do customers need to do to get the upgrade? Absolutely nothing! The upgrade is set to happen automatically, and customers will be emailed when it’s done. Virgin expects most customers to be upgrade by the end of March.

The increase in speed will only apply to those who joined Virgin Media before December 1, 2019, and who bought one of these tariffs: M50, L50, L70 or Capped Fibre 20.

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