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Best Tips on Motorhome & Campervan Insurance

Jul 24, 2018 | Insurance


Best Tips on Motorhome Insurance

One aspect of insurance which is not too popular is that of motorhome or campervan insurance. It is a truly specialized area and not many companies have the required knowledge in the area. This means that some of the companies will provide wrong quotes or inadequate covers to clients as a result of their ineptitude.

But then, we cannot stand this sort of arrangement and we’re poised to equipping you with the necessary knowledge of how you can get the best when you are purchasing a motorhome insurance. Think of this as the ultimate guide to motorhome insurance.

  1. Under no circumstance should you instantly accept the first quote you get. Rather, you should shop around and then be prepared to negotiate and haggle. Do this for a while, at least with a number of insurance covers. This will save you a few hundred pounds for sure.
  2. On the internet, there are several insurance comparison tools you can use to check the disparity in price. Make sure you utilize this. Failure to compare motorhome insurance policies before you purchase one might be deleterious to you. In fact, don’t be afraid to get on the phone, ask questions, and even ask about the answer provided. If you do not get satisfactory answers, try to check with others. Just make sure you get the best benefits available to you and avoid paying too much.
  3. Request for a breakdown of the cover given to you. This will help you see the different elements covered by the premium and it will also give you an overview of the extra benefits you can enjoy. For example, getting a breakdown cover if your motorhome cannot be repaired in good time is a good policy, since you will be compensated for the extra cost of accommodation.
  4. Ask the insurance company if they will protect you if you go abroad. Not all policies cover this and it is important to make sure the policy covers this.
  5. Does the motorhome insurance cover your pets? This is one important question to ask because if care isn’t taken, you might be separated from your favorite pet.
  6. One more thing, the content of your motorhome! Although a policy will usually cover the content of your campervan, you should ask for the maximum value per item. This is especially important to consider if the content in your motorhome is valuable.
  7. Also, there’s a discount given for low-mileage. If you can manage to keep the mileage down, you will get a nice deal on the premium.
  8. Joining a club is also a good way to reduce the amount of money you pay on the premium. These insurance companies see club members as responsible and experienced so they tend to provide discounts on the premium they get.


There’s just one last thing to note. Be truthful! A single lie can invalidate all the record you’ve managed to acquire so far.

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