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Find The Best Motor Fleet Insurance

My Money Comparison enable you to easily compare all types of insurance, including those for your company’s motor fleet.

Whether you run a delivery company or specialise in minibuses for tour groups, we can help you find the best policy for your business. In such cases, it’s much better to insure vehicles under one policy rather than several different ones.

When comparing the motor fleet insurance, you need to consider the size of your fleet, the purpose of the vehicles and how often they are used. Moreover, you also need to consider the driver’s age requirements, the flexibility of policy and whether additional cover needs to be purchased.

A fleet should contain at least 3-5 vehicles, although there are a few companies that will allow only 2. It’s much cheaper if you have at least five vehicles on one policy.

How can I reduce the price of my motor fleet insurance?

Unfortunately, many business owners end up paying much more than they should. My Money Comparison promises the most accurate comparisons to ensure that, no matter your situation, you get the best possible quote.

There are various ways this can be done: for starters, if your drivers are aged over 25, your insurance is likely to be cheaper. Younger drivers are much more risk-prone which is why their premiums are higher, whether it’s for car insurance or lorry driving. Employing drivers will a clean licence will also obviously make a difference. If needs be, it makes sense to place accident-prone drivers on a different policy altogether.

Secondly, if you employ risk assessment and risk management practices, you can also reduce the amount you have to pay. Installing vehicle trackers, alarms and immobilisers will also make your policy much cheaper. You’ll also find securing your vehicles in a safe environment makes your insurance more affordable since the risk of damage or theft is reduced.

Driving training will make your policy lower since it means that the risk of accidents should be reduced. Ongoing training will benefit both your drivers and your insurance policy.

Some of the brands we enable you to compare include Quote Four, Business Insurance Line, One Call Insurance, and 1st Choice Insurance. All of these companies offer competitively-priced policies tailored to your specific needs.

If you need to compare motorhome fleet insurance, why not discover more about My Money Comparison today?

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