Holidays are essential to take the time off your busy schedule. To get the most out of your holidays getting a rental car is a good idea, but hiring a car for your holidays abroad seems like a simple task but car hire companies can rip you off with their aggressive sales tactics, additional charges and many other similar issues. Additional hidden charges, poor condition of the car, long queues, and belligerent sales tactics are some of the most common issues that people have to face as soon as they step into the car hire office.

We are giving you a short yet comprehensive guide to help you avoid car hire pitfalls when you hire a car for your holidays by keeping the costs down and help you save more quids to spend on other things. We suggest that you keep a close eye on everything, from the condition of the car to deciding which insurance policy to buy before your drive away.

1.   Book Early for Huge Savings

When you are travelling abroad for your holiday and you require a car, try to book in advance to save a few quids per day by keeping the costs down. Even if you’ve left car rental for the last minute try to book a car as early as possible because it’s always cheaper than walking into the rental office straight from the airport.

2.   Book your Car with a Full-to Full Fuel Policy

You can get a great deal on your car hire for your holidays if you book your car in advance with a full-to-full fuel policy. For example, if you have to travel to Italy in October, plan and book your car in September or in the last week of August to save big. Getting a full-to-full policy will help you find a cheap car hire rate for as low as a £10 a day if you book at least three months in advance. Some car hire companies charge a premium on full-to-empty policy especially if you’re a walk-in customer right off the plane.

3.   Do Your Homework: Check Broker Sites and Local Car Rentals

Another option that will help you save big on car hire during your vacations is to do some research and check local car hire rates at different broker websites. You can find plenty of money-saving car hire deals from different car rental companies in over 40,000 locations around the globe. Using a third-party website for comparing car hire deals gives you the freedom to explore your options and find the best deal.

4.   Look for a Free Cancellation

When you book in advance, you get to save a lot of money but what if the prices go down after you’ve booked your car? So if you want to keep your options open, giving you the chance to explore other options from different companies look for a service that offers free or minimal cancellation fees. Some car hire companies give you the option to rebook at a lower price if the price is lower than your previous booking.

5.   Find a Reliable Car Hire Service

Car hire for holidaymakers has turned into an arduous chore because car hire companies in the UK and abroad offers a bewildering list of deals that appear cheap but they turn up with large payments towards the end. Planning ahead of your holiday is the key to saving some money during your adventure. Use a reliable service portal for best car hire deals and much more!