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Delivery Rider Insurance

Delivery Rider Insurance For All Riders of Motorcycles, Mopeds & Scooters Who Provide A Food Delivery Service

Delivery Rider Insurance UK Price Comparison
Delivery Rider Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Food Delivery Insurance

Compare a number of different specialist brokers who deal with fast food delivery insurance.

Fast food delivery insurance is a hire-and-reward insurance policy, which is a legal requirement if you are delivering food, parcels or any other products for the purpose of making money from it as a business. Find the most competitive policy to suit your needs today by filling out the form above and letting us help you get covered.

Delivery Rider Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Do you offer takeaway delivery services?

If you do this while riding a moped, scooter, or motorcycle, you’ll need a speciality insurance policy that protects you and your customers.

Delivery Rider insurance is designed for riders.

It works for an individual using their own bike to make deliveries, or if you’re a business that owns a fleet of mopeds and scooters.

Delivery Rider insurance protects you, your business, and your customers.

Food Delivery Hire and Reward Insurance Policy Can Include:


Flexible Monthly Payments


24hr Claims Helpline


Windscreen Cover


Accident Support / Replacement Vehicle


No Claims Discount / Protected NCB


Hire & Reward Cover


Introductory Prices


Comprehensive Cover

Delivery Rider Insurance UK Price Comparison

Delivery Rider Insurance FAQs

What is delivery rider insurance?

Delivery Rider Insurance, also known as Fast Food Delivery Insurance or Courier Insurance, is a type of specialised insurance policy designed for individuals or businesses in the UK that use motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, or cars to deliver goods, most commonly food.

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The specifics of the policy can vary, but commonly included components are:

  1. Hire and Reward Insurance: This covers you when you use your vehicle to deliver goods in exchange for payment. Standard vehicle insurance policies typically do not include this coverage.
  2. Goods in Transit Insurance: This covers the goods you’re delivering (like food) in case they get lost, stolen, or damaged while they’re in your possession.
  3. Public Liability Insurance: This provides protection if a claim is made against you for injury or property damage that occurs as a result of your delivery service.
  4. Employers’ Liability Insurance: If you employ other riders, this is a legal requirement. It covers you if an employee becomes ill or gets injured while working for you.
  5. Personal Accident Insurance: This type of insurance can cover you if you’re injured while making a delivery.
Who Needs a Delivery Rider Insurance Policy?

People who use their moped, scooter, or motorcycle to transport goods and make deliveries from one place to another need Delivery Rider insurance.

Delivery Rider insurance is crucial if your job involves transporting and delivering goods. The reason is that your insurer won’t payout if you’re in an accident and have the wrong type of coverage. That means you’re stuck paying for everything out of pocket, which can get pretty expensive.

The risk is very high, and it’s essential to have the coverage needed if you’re in an accident or cause damage and injuries to others and their property. Driver Rider insurance is usually more expensive, but it’s worth the cost when you’re facing increased risks doing your job.

It would help if you had a Delivery Rider insurance policy to provide transportation and delivery services. Delivery Rider insurance offers more coverage than personal vehicle insurance (such as standard motorbike insurance). The policy protects you whether you drive a scooter, moped, or motorcycle for work purposes.

So, if you use your scooter, moped, or motorbike to transport goods and make deliveries, you need Delivery Rider insurance for optimal protection.

Can I Just Use My Standard Motorbike Insurance Policy Deliveries?

No, it’s not possible to use your standard motorcycle insurance policy to transport and deliver goods. Your standard motorbike policy does not cover accidents you may have while working.

What is Covered in a Delivery Rider Insurance Policy?

When searching for the right Delivery Rider insurance policy, choosing the right policy is crucial. MyMoney works with a panel of specialist insurers to help you find the right Delivery Rider insurance for you and your business. Whether you ride a scooter, a moped, or a motorcycle for your business, we’ll help you find the best policy. Our goal is to ensure you and your business are entirely protected.

We make it easy to comparison shop for Delivery Rider insurance. Directly on our site, you can get detailed, competitive quotes in only a few minutes. Our insurance panel providers offer you their quotes on a Delivery Rider insurance policy over the phone after entering your details in the provided form.

Different Types of Delivery Rider Insurance Policies

When you begin searching for Delivery Rider insurance, you’ll find each insurance provider offers its own Delivery Rider insurance policies. However, most insurance companies will include these three types of insurance:

Third-party only: this is the minimum level of insurance coverage you can have by law. This policy compensates other people for injuries or damage you may cause to them or their property. Third-party insurance cover does not pay for your injuries or damage to your vehicle.

Third-party, fire and theft: includes everything in third-party cover and covers the cost of your vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by fire. Third-party, fire and theft do not cover your injuries.

Comprehensive: includes everything in the previous policies and compensates you if your vehicle is damaged in an accident, even if the accident is your fault. Comprehensive is the highest level of coverage available.

In addition to these basic types of coverage, you may also want to consider the following:

Public liability: this coverage protects you and your business against claims that may come damage caused by running your business. For instance, if a customer’s property is damaged when you’re making a delivery.

Product liability: is another form of insurance that covers you against claims stemming from faulty or contaminated products. You may not need this insurance if you’re a paid employee. However, you may want to check with your employer to see what their insurance covers.

Once you’ve chosen the level of coverage that’s right for your situation, then you may also have the opportunity to add on additional benefits to your coverage, such as:

  • Breakdown cover: if your vehicle breaks down and helps you get back to work with a courtesy car.
  • Legal expenses coverage: pays for professional advice and/or court costs
  • Excess protection: reimburses your excess in case you make a claim.
  • Personal accident: provides additional coverage to supplement your Deliveroo insurance. It covers you if you’re seriously injured while working on the road.
  • And more


As with delivery rider insurance policies, each provider offers its own add-ons. However, these are the most common add-ons you’ll come across.

Before purchasing any insurance policy or add-on, make sure to read the entire policy to see what’s covered (or not). Pay close attention to all the details of the policy, too. You’ll know what’s covered and if you have any questions, be sure to contact the insurance provider.

Remember, Deliver Rider insurance and add-ons are there to protect you and your business. The goal is to find the insurance policy and add-ons (if needed) that are right for you and your circumstances.

Is Delivery Rider Insurance Expensive?

The truth is that Delivery Rider insurance premiums are more expensive, and they vary by provider. However, several factors can affect the price of a policy, including:

Vehicle type: the type of vehicle you drive can influence insurance premiums. That’s because certain vehicles are targeted by thieves more often than others. Thieves may go after newer, more expensive, or powerful vehicles. Because these vehicles and their repair costs are higher, premiums have to be higher to cover these costs.

Number of miles driven: the more miles you cover, the greater your risk of having an accident. So, the higher your miles, the higher the insurance premium.

Your age: younger drivers have a higher potential to be in an accident, causing higher insurance premiums.

Claims history: a recent claim can increase the price of your premium, as can points on your driver’s license. It may be tempting to choose the cheapest Delivery Rider policy if you’re working on the side rather than full time. However, remember that a more affordable policy doesn’t protect you or your vehicle.

Driving record: if you have driving convictions, finding insurance coverage may be more challenging. If so, your premium may be a lot higher.

Secure parking: if your vehicle is securely parked, your Delivery Rider insurance policy will be lower. However, the premium will be higher for vehicles parked in an unsecured area.

Time of day: the time of day you work can also affect the price of this type of insurance policy.

The area you work: also impacts the Delivery Rider premium; this insurance is usually cheaper in rural than in urban areas. Rural areas have less traffic than larger cities.

This is not an exhaustive list of factors that can affect the cost of Delivery Rider insurance premiums. However, it gives you an idea of what can affect the price of this insurance.

As you comparison shop for a Delivery Rider insurance policy, you’ll find each one is different. The cheapest policies cover only third-party accidents, injuries, and damage. You and your vehicle (scooter, moped, or motorcycle) are not protected. If you’re in an accident and suffer an injury and/or damage to your vehicle, it’s necessary to pay for these expenses out of pocket. That can be pretty expensive.



The best Delivery Rider insurance policy is a comprehensive insurance package covering third parties, you, and your vehicle. These policies offer the best value for your money and are worth the extra money to keep you and your business safe.

With a comprehensive Delivery Rider policy, you can rest assured that you’re covered in all situations.

How to Save on Delivery Rider Insurance?

You may be able to reduce your Delivery Rider insurance policy with some of the following:

  • Parking your scooter, moped, or motorcycle safely
  • Installing additional security measures (if applicable)
  • Build and protect your no-claims bonus
  • Select a higher voluntary excess
  • Paying annually rather than monthly
  • Comparison shop for the best policy for you at the right price
Is Delivery Rider Insurance Worth It?

Yes, because having the right type and level of coverage protects you and your services. Without the right coverage, it could mean you’re underinsured.

If you’re injured, and your vehicle is damaged, can you pay for your injuries and repair your vehicle out of pocket? Most people can’t. In that event, you may lose your business and be stuck with huge medical and repair bills. There’s also a chance you may have to pay for damage to third parties and their property.

The right Delivery Rider policy protects third parties, you, and your vehicle and it’s worth having the best policy you can afford.

Do I Need Specialised Insurance for Delivering Food?

Yes, driving your own vehicle while transporting and delivering goods is not possible under your personal vehicle insurance (such as standard motorcycle insurance). You’re on the road many hours, putting yourself at higher risk of accidents. Without Delivery Rider insurance, you can be personally held responsible for accidents while working

How Do I Get Delivery Rider Insurance?

Now, you’re ready to start comparison shopping for your Delivery Rider insurance policy! You can comparison shop directly on our site.

Mymoneycomparion.com makes it fast and easy to compare Delivery Rider insurance covers in one place. We help you find and compare quotes from highly respected Delivery Rider insurance providers. You’ll only find insurance brokers who offer the best policies at an affordable price.

Remember that insurance policies do vary by provider. Each insurance company has its own policies. So, be sure to read the entire policy before making a purchase. And if you have questions about any policy you find through our site, we recommend contacting the provider directly. Either way, we ensure your questions are answered, so you can find a policy that fits your needs.

No matter what type of insurance you need, we have it available through our site. We offer quotes for Delivery Rider insurance online, so you can find the policy that’s right for you. It’s a quick and easy process! Get your quote for Deliver Rider insurance today!




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