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Restaurant Insurance


Restaurant Insurance Guide

Every business serving the public requires insurance; this applies to restaurants, pubs, caterers, bistros, cafes, etc. You, your business, and your customers need to be protected. If you’re serving food to the public, then you’ll need restaurant insurance.

What is Restaurant Insurance?

No matter your restaurant’s size or the type of food you provide to customers, restaurant insurance offers protection, while at the same time helping your business to grow.

As with other types of business insurance, you can find a wide variety of policies and premiums, making it easy to get the coverage you need and can afford.

What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover?

Restaurants are filled with valuable food, kitchen equipment, fittings and more. One of the business’s most valuable assets is its customers. You want to make sure all aspects of the business are protected, because bad things can happen.

In the restaurant business, things can happen. Restauranteurs have heard all types of nightmare stories or have had their own less than pleasant experiences. Restaurant insurance coverage can help when the unexpected happens.

For instance, what happens if your freezer or refrigerator fail and all the food spoils? And what about that expensive stove, grill or other kitchen equipment. How much does it cost to replace valuable equipment? What if your business is destroyed by fire or an extreme weather event? What happens then? Can you afford to rebuild with funds from your own pocket?

What about your patrons or employees? Or what happens if a customer becomes ill from food served at your restaurant? What if an employee slips and is injured? Can you afford to pay for these types of incidents?

These types of scenarios can be covered by restaurant insurance coverage. You’ll have minimal out of pocket expense, and your business will be safe if you have the right type of coverage.

Types of Restaurant Insurance

There are several types of restaurant insurance, including:

Contents insurance: which provides protection for all the restaurant’s stock (food, etc.) in case of theft or fire. This type of coverage also protects the furnishings, fittings, and kitchen equipment. Some insurance policies even cover the contents of the freezer, while other policies may protect cash on the premises.

Public liability insurance: protects you if a customer becomes ill or injured, or if they suffer property damage at your restaurant. The insurance will protect you against the cost of repairs and/or legal filings against you.  

Employer’s liability insurance: you are legally required to have this coverage if you have employees. This insurance protects you and your employees if they become injured or ill from working on the premises.

Buildings insurance: this type of coverage offers protection for the premises if you own the building where your business is located. This type of policy can help pay for repairs to the structure, or even to rebuild the building. However, this type of coverage will not pay for rental space.

Business interruption: protects your business in case the restaurant is unable to operate, which causes a fall in income. Even if the business can’t open, you’ll still be held responsible for everything from wages, bills, mortgage or rent, etc. Business interruption coverage will take over the payment of these responsibilities. This type of coverage may be available for up to 36 months; however, policies vary, so be sure to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions to understand exactly what the policy covers.

Loss of license coverage protects you in case you lose your license for some reason that’s outside of your control.

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How to Get Better Prices on Restaurant Insurance

There are some ways you can keep restaurant insurance more affordable:

  • Practice safety protocols: keep your kitchen clean and free of grease and oil. Make sure all equipment is running as it should, make sure employees have proper training for cleaning and maintaining the kitchen and restaurant areas. Make sure your restaurant complies with all fire regulations and is equipped with the proper fire system, including sprinklers, alarms, etc.
  • Follow EU-OSHA rules: be proactive when it comes to following safety rules for employees. Ensure they have been properly trained to use all equipment on the premises. Reduce the risk of injuries by making sure staff has been trained to properly life and carry heavy boxes, etc. Make sure lighting is bright to improve visibility and make sure employees wear non-slip shoes, have clean uniforms, etc.
  • Keep everything clean: an impeccably clean restaurant is free of vermin, has a lower chance of making staff and customers ill, etc. Make sure to follow all regulations regarding cleanliness.

These are a few ideas to get you started on saving money with restaurant insurance. The goal is to lower the risks your business may pose to the insurer. The higher the risk, the more you’ll have to pay for restaurant insurance coverage.

Restaurant insurance is a cost-effective way to protect all aspects of your business. It’s a good idea to comparison shop to find the best premium rates and policies that are a good fit for your unique business.

Restaurant Insurance Will Also Cover:

Pubs, Public Houses, Cafes, Bar,  Bistro, Brasserie, Buffet Restaurants, Takeaway, Fast Food Shops, Canteens and many more

Restaurant Cover Can Includes:

What your restaurant insurance policy can include, depending on the policy you purchase

  • Public liability with £5million limit as standard
  • Employers’ liability
  • Loss of licence cover
  • Cover for your stock, including frozen foods
  • Business interruption cover
  • Personal accident and assault benefits
  • Directors and officers policies – important if you’re operating as a limited company

Helpful Links

thesra  – The Sustainable Restaurant Association

Restaurant.org – The National Restaurant Association is the largest foodservice trade association in the world. We represent and advocate on behalf of more than 500,000 restaurant businesses.

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