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Accessory Fitter Insurance

Accessory Fitter Insurance is policy covered under motor traders cover at competitive prices

Accessory Fitter Insurance UK Price Comparison
Accessory Fitter Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Accessory Fitter Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Accessory Fitter Insurance covers vehicle fitters who work hard to find the right parts and install them correctly for a wide range of vehicles. You never know what the next customer may need! For this reason, it’s imperative to have flexible insurance cover that understands how you need to work and how your business runs.

We’ve put together some of the leading accessory fitter insurance to protect you and your business. You can find a wide range of motor trade road risk insurance products at MyMoneyComparison.com. We also offer public liability insurance, including indemnity insurance. That means you’re fully protected against claims for defective workmanship.

If you’re looking for accessories fitter insurance, you’ve come to the right place! We make it easy to find the right policy at an affordable price.

Some Of The Motor Traders Which Can Be Covered:

What Is Covered In A Road Risk Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

Our goal here is to ensure that you get the motor traders insurance policy explained to you. Motor traders insurance can not only be enjoyed by car dealerships but also by businesses that conduct repairs, servicing, MOTs, valeting or and other services relating to repair or maintenance.

There are various forms of online motor trade insurance and they offer different levels of cover. Each motor trade insurance cover offers various features and benefits and you can choose depending on the nature of your business. Motor trade insurance covers often include protection for stock, property and assets. It also includes liability insurance to cover the public or the employer.

Accessory Fitter Insurance Can Cover:


Product Liability Insurance


Flexible Monthly Payments


24hr Claims Helpline


Motor Traders Policy For Over 25+


Accident Support / Replacement Vehicle


Material Damage Cover


Equipment & Premises


Combined or Road Risk Insurance


Comprehensive Cover

Accessory Fitter Insurance UK Price Comparison

Accessory Fitter Insurance FAQs

What is Accessory Fitter Insurance?

Accessories Fitter Insurance is a policy designed to protect you against claims made against you by customers. If customers find fault with your work, suffer a personal injury or property damage because of your work, they may make a claim against you and your business.

Liabilities for injuries and damage can occur if accessories from a third party or even one of your employees cause a potential issue for the client. In this case, without the right insurance policy, you and your business could face thousands of pounds in fees and claims.

Do you or your business have the ability to pay such large amounts of money out of pocket? If not, then you definitely need accessories fitter insurance. Having the right policy could mean the difference between losing your business or keeping it going and keeping your livelihood intact.

Accessories fitter insurance includes coverage for public liability and employers’ liability insurance.

What is Accessories Fitter Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance protects you against claims made by customers. If a customer is injured or suffers property damage due to your work, they may make a claim against you and your business. While it’s true that some customers press claims that are fake, there may be times when a client has a legitimate claim. In that case, you need to have protection for yourself and your business.

The policy provides coverage for legal defense costs, including mounting a defense, covering all legal costs for defending the action, and pays out the awards made in court. The limit of indemnity under the accessories fitter insurance policy is based on what you believe fits your business. In some cases, contracts may require that you have a certain level of indemnity insurance. Indemnity insurance policies of this kind usually start at £1M and go up from there.

In some cases, providing a certain product or service may require you to have product liability insurance in addition to public liability coverage. Product liability insurance protects you against personal injuries or damages that may arise from the sale or supply of a specific product.

What is Accessory Fitter Employers’ Liability Insurance?

If you have one employee or more, you are legally required to have employers’ insurance. An employers’ insurance policy protects employees on the job. If an employee is injured, becomes ill, or dies while they are working, then the accessory fitter employers’ liability insurance covers these issues.

Accessory fitter employers’ liability insurance has a standard limit indemnity of £10M; however, there may be other limits available, too.

Why Do I need Accessory Fitter Insurance?

If you sell car accessories, there’s a risk that the part could fail and cause injuries or damage. Accessory fitter insurance protects you and your business from such claims.

And if you run a business that sells, distributes, imports, or exports vehicle accessories, you need accessories fitter insurance.

What Types of Coverage are Available for Accessory Fitter Insurance?

As noted earlier, most accessories fitter insurance policies include public liability and product liability insurance cover. Depending on the specific insurance policy, it may also be possible to find these as separate policies. However, both are recommended for anyone in the accessories fitter business.

Public liability protects you and your business from claims of negligence to the public. This coverage offers protection for allegations of loss, injury, or property damage claims. The policy provides protection up to the indemnity limit of the policy.

The limit of indemnity means the monetary limit the insurer pays up to. The most common indemnity limits, in this case, are £1M, £2M, and £5M. However, if your business needs a larger indemnity limit, it’s a good idea to check with the insurer to see if they can offer more.

In addition to public liability insurance, you may want to add on property insurance. This coverage protects your business premises. Property insurance offers protection for the building if you own it, or it’s your responsibility to ensure the property. In addition, your business stock is also covered by property coverage. It can also protect your storage and racking areas, systems, controls, business machines, and more.

Product liability similarly protects you and your business against allegations of negligence caused by the products you sell. For instance, this insurance covers injuries, damage, and death caused by a product.

Do I Need Goods in Transit Insurance?

Possibly. It depends on how products are delivered to your customers. If you have a local business and use your own vehicles to deliver the products, you may need transit insurance goods. Goods in transit insurance protects accessories if you deliver them yourself or send the parts through a parcel delivery or courier service.

What Other Insurance Coverage May I Need?

It’s possible you may need to purchase legal expenses insurance, too. However, some accessories fitter insurance does come packaged with legal expenses cover. If not, it’s highly recommended that you also buy this policy to ensure you and your business are fully insured.
In addition, you may want to consider combined motor trade insurance. This coverage protects your entire business. Your vehicles, premises, tools, stock, and cash are all protected.
Another type of coverage that may benefit your business is breakdown cover. This coverage may be useful if you have company vehicles. Breakdown cover provides protection for vehicles that are used for work. If the vehicle breaks down, this coverage offers roadside assistance and may also offer a loaner vehicle, depending on the insurance policy.

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Things to Consider

Keep in mind that each insurance provider’s accessory fitter insurance policy may be different from the others. So, when you’re comparison shopping for the right accessories fitter insurance, it’s imperative to read each policy thoroughly. It’s essential to understand what’s covered or not by each policy.

If you have any questions about a policy, we highly recommend directly reaching out to the insurance provider. They have the expert knowledge and experience to help you find the right policy for your circumstances.

Are There Benefits to Getting Accessories Fitter Insurance Online?

Yes! There are several benefits to purchasing your accessories fitter insurance online, including:

Save time & money: it’s fast and easy to get quotes online from several insurance providers in only a few minutes! And you can save money by researching prices online.

Get the policy you need: you can also enjoy purchasing a policy that precisely fits your business. It’s easy to add coverage and add-ons to customize your policy.

Avoid the hard sell: nothing is more unpleasant than receiving the hard sell from an overzealous insurance broker or agent. You can avoid this by using our online comparison insurance quote site!

Instant documentation: when you purchase the right policy for you and your business, you’ll instantly have the necessary documentation proving you are covered. The insurer can send the documentation directly to you via email.

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MyMoneyComparison.com makes it easy to find the right insurance coverage for your business. We help you find quotes from only the best insurance providers. Our insurers have the expertise and knowledge of accessory fitter insurance, and they’ll work to help you find the right policy at an affordable price.

No matter what type of coverage you need, we’re here to help you get the right policy. We offer accessories fitter insurance and other coverage. And it’s easy to get quotes from several insurers! All you need to do is fill out our simple form, hit “Enter,” and then wait a few moments. You’ll have several policies to review at different price points in no time at all. You can also work directly with the insurance provider to learn more details about their policy!

We make sure you find the right accessories fitter policy for your business at an affordable price! So, get started today with your quote for accessories fitter insurance!

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