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Wedding Insurance

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Wedding Insurance

Planning your wedding is exciting – there are many things to think about. You’ll find that dream wedding dress you’ve always wanted, find the best florist and photographer, and choose the most beautiful venue and wedding cake. But what if the unthinkable happens, such as a flood, a ripped wedding dress, or your service providers don’t show?

This is where wedding insurance can help. In the UK, you can find the wedding insurance coverage that will protect everything at the wedding – from the venue to your dress and beyond.

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What is Wedding Insurance?  

This is a type of insurance that protects the financial investment you make for your wedding. Weddings can be expensive and this insurance protection can be a great idea, especially if you’ll planning on an expensive wedding.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance policies vary, but generally they can cover:

  • Unfortunate accidents that cause damage or injury at the wedding
  • Unforeseen events that you have no control over, which prevent the wedding from taking place
  • Vendor and/or venue problems
  • Protection against theft

Wedding insurance is there to protect you against financial losses that could cause problems for your wedding. As with other types of insurance, you’ll find a wide variety of policies, at different premium levels and coverage.

Each policy varies, so it’s important to read the full terms and conditions of each policy, ask any questions you may have, etc. before paying for a policy. You want to know what you’re getting and what the insurance covers before making a final decision.

Do I need Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a very good investment if you’re having an expensive wedding. It can also be a great way to calm any worries you may have about things going wrong on your big day. Peace of mind can be worth the financial investment in wedding insurance.

What would happen if you or your loved one become ill and have to cancel the wedding? What about an extreme weather event? Wedding insurance can cover these possibilities and even help you to re-arrange the wedding for another date in the future.

Wedding insurance also can also save the day if your vendor or caterer all of a sudden are no-shows. Not only that, but your wedding dress and wedding rings may also be covered, depending on the policy you choose. In the event of damage or replacement, wedding insurance can help save your big day

What to Look for in Wedding Insurance

When it comes to wedding insurance, you’ll find a wide variety of policy types. Each policy will have its own level of coverage and will determine what is covered or not in the wedding.

These are the most common types of wedding insurance:

Liability cover: covers damage to the venue that may happen during the event. It sometimes also covers medical costs if someone is injured or becomes sick at the wedding. May also include a liquor liability, which covers in case you’re sued for a drunken guest causing damages.

Cancellation cover: pays you back if you have to cancel your big day or delay the wedding due to weather events, injury or illness of someone in the wedding party. May also help if you need to reschedule your wedding, may also cover vendors who don’t show up, etc.

What Does Wedding Insurance Not Cover?

Wedding insurance, so far, looks as if it would cover everything. However, this type of insurance will not cover the following:

  • Bride or groom get cold feet or change their minds about getting married
  • Rainy day (which isn’t an extreme weather event)
  • Theft, loss, or damage to engagement ring
  • Making a decision to change vendors, once you’ve already paid the deposit

Please be aware that you can be denied wedding insurance coverage if you plan on having fireworks, live animals or anything the insurer finds risky. On the hand, they may still insure your wedding, but may include exclusions for these types of wedding event additions.

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Other Considerations

Wedding insurance may not put money back in your pocket, though it will pay for smaller problems such as a ripped dress, etc. This will most likely end up with a small payout for the repair or other smaller issues.

Another example—if your wedding can’t take place because the venue has suffered major damage from a flood or other unfortunate incident, then the insurance policy may help you to rearrange the wedding on a different day. The policy may not reimburse you, but will instead pay for all necessary needs to rearrange the wedding.

Some policies allow you to buy wedding insurance up to two years in advance, while other policies even often coverage 24 hours before the big day.

Another thing to consider—if you’re planning an overseas wedding, you may need to buy a policy add-on to cover issues involved with this type of venue. Some of these add-ons may not be available for the destination you’ve chosen for the wedding, so be sure to read the policy to find which countries are included or not.

Remember that each policy is different, so be sure to read through each policy’s documentation to find the wedding insurance coverage that’s best for you. It also pays to comparison shop online when searching for the right coverage for your special day!

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